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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Writers Workshop: Ten things I'm currently sick of

Mama Kat is hosting her writer's workshop. Stop over and read some more. Maybe even play along. What's stopping you?

Ten things I'm currently sick of:

Fighting children: My daughters are fighting like the brats on Supernanny; I currently feel like I'm trapped in an episode of this show. The problem is there is no British woman in my house helping me sort the nonsense out.

Long season finales: I'll admit it, I like watching Dancing With the Stars. I really do. Why? I'm not sure but when I saw that it was on for 3 hours Tuesday, I realized that if I added up all the time I spent watching it I could have went on vacation for a week.

Facebook: For the last time, if we weren't friends in high school i have no interest in being your friend now. Plain and simple. Just because you shoved me into a locker once and now want to know if I'm fat doesn't give you the right to request to be my friend.

The tooth fairy: Hey fairy, I have a bone to pick with you. Why or why can you never remember to come? Seriously, have I wronged you in some way that you would torture my children like this?

My computer: I have had shotty Internet service all day and now it finally went out. Along with my home phone. They can't come service it until tomorrow between 9-12. How do you like that. I work from home, I need to file stories tonight. I'm at my neighbors house.

KOHLS: I went paperless with my bill and then they only sent me one email that looked just like a sales email so I deleted it. I did that for two months and then they called and said WTF? Oops.

Competition Cheerleading coaches: Why are they all middle aged women who couldn't do a cheer to save their lives and why do they always think my daughter has attitude? Hello...isn't that a prerequisite?

Ticks: I live in PA, which may be the tick capital of the world. My husband has already pulled about 5 off the dog. I had one on my arm the other day. Quite frankly, I'm not sure why they exist.

Field trips: Why do we have to jam 14 field trips into the month of May and then try to guilt every stay-at-home mom in the world into attending them all? I've decided that if I can't go with one child, then I shouldn't go with the other. Is that wrong?

Preschool parents: Is it really your 4 year olds idea to buy $20 worth of candles and coffee for their teacher? I highly doubt that. My son wanted to buy them a book, I went with that and they all got $5 gift cards. He made them a bookmark. Your gift is more expensive, but our gift is better.

2 random thoughts:

Becca said...

You are too funny! I could comment about each one of these but instead I will just let you know that they all made me laugh. Except the ticks of course- they are pretty gross.

septembermom said...

Funny, funny, funny!! You're so right about the field trips. Crazy at this time of year here too. I'm sick of fighting children too. I keep sending them out of the house once it gets started. Love the facebook "request to be my friend" one. My tooth fairy is late here too.

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