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Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday High Five: 5 reasons I don't like the cable guy

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It's Friday High Five time and for today's list I've compiled five reasons why I do not like the cable guy.  As I posted yesterday, I've been having internet and phone problems for the last few days and then yesterday everything shut down.

This is what transpired:

Arrival time:  I was told they would be here between 9-12; after missing yoga and a lunch date with a friend, my cell phone rings at 11:55; "Hi, I'm the cable guy.  Are you still having problems?"  What a stupid question.  He doesn't get to the house until 12:30

Attire:  He is dressed in work boots and shorts and his underwear are hanging out.  They have super mario on them.  Seriously?  The guy is 30 something.  Why does he have super mario underwear and more importantly why can I see them.  I wanted to pull up his pants and tuck in his shirt.

Idiot:  He tells me the problem is definately in my house and that he needs to take the plate off the wall my cable is running through so he can check the wire and replace it if necessary.  The problem is the plate has no screws.  Get this, he needs my permission to break it.  Say what?

Clean up:  He breaks the wall plate and leaves the pieces.  He moves my husband's dresser and my bookshelve and doesn't return them.  He tells me that I can not have two TVs split off of one upstairs connector and disconnects the little TV in my craft room.

Charges:  After jacking up my wall, moving my furniture, disrupting my life for 1 1/2 hours he tells me that since the problem was inside the house I need to pay $29.95 for the service call or I can sign up for a maintenance plan for $3.95 for the rest of my life or however long I decide to have this jackass cable company.  Hmmmm.....that's a real tough call.

How was your afternoon?  Here's hoping you have a great holiday weekend.

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3 random thoughts:

Jenners said...

You must have Comcrap. I recognize the signs. Or perhaps all cable companies do the same thing. We switched to DirecTV to avoid dealing with the cable company ... and we've not had problems.

septembermom said...

Super Mario underwear? Imagine his one night stand's face when she sees those! I hate when they don't show up during the scheduled time range. Frustrating. I enjoyed this post and giggled a bit. Stress with cable guys must be a universal experience for all of us cable dependent people!

Becca said...

Oh gosh! I am sorry you had to deal with that. Sounds like he was a real piece of work!

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