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Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Update - unmeasurable blood sugar, George Bush, and E.T.

Have you seen this man? He robbed my mother on Friday. For those of you who do not know, my mom is a bank teller. She's has been one for numerous years and on Friday she experienced her second bank robbery.

The gunman (yep, he had a gun) was dressed like George W. Bush. I know it's hard not to laugh. Some funny things my mom said to me after the incident and her adrenaline was still pumping.

"I was supposed to have a half day off today and he wrecked that for me. The FBI just now let me leave." It was after 3 p.m. and the robbery happened around 10 a.m.

"He only had a 22; if I were allowed to bring my gun to the bank this may not have happened." My mom has a concealed weapons permit. This knowledge doesn't make me feel much comfort and it should make the average person terrified.

"What makes me most mad about the situation is that he made over 20 grand in a minute and a half. It takes me nearly a year to make that." Yep, as I type this, no arrests have been made. It took the police more than 20 minutes to respond. His money is marked so perhaps they will still apprehend him. Only time will tell.


My sister had a scare this weekend when my nephew's blood sugar was so high his meter could no longer read it. The school called her on Friday afternoon and told her when tested on two different meters his reading just said HIGH. Meaning is BS was more than 600! OUCH. It's supposed to be in the 100-150 range.

The doctor told her to check for sugar in his urine and to double his insulin, which also made her nervous. But I'm happy to report that he was showing no signs of such a high sugar and by supper time had a reading of 145.

Just goes to show you that even when you think this disease is under control it throws you a fast ball.

My in-laws came out for a visit this weekend and went to one of little G's t-ball games. It was a little chilly, but still fun. After they headed home, the kids and I watched E.T. They had never seen it before and it was great to see their reaction.

As for me, it still makes me cry.

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Becca said...

The bank robbery is super scary! I don't know how your Mom handled that one because I sure couldn't! You will have to let us know if they catch him.

Your nephew's blood sugar is super scary as well. I am glad he is feeling better now!

And ET?! I haven't seen that one in years!!

Jean said...

How is it that the same bank can be robbed twice? Wasn't the last one recent? Maybe she should be able to bring her gun to work. That would make for a really interesting story!! LOL
I am glad your nephew (I don't know if his name is posted so I left it out) is better. Your sister must have been a wreck!

Valerie said...

The thought using guns makes me quake nit I suppose you get used to it if it's common practice. I hope your mother has got over the shock of being robbed and the thief is well and truly caught.
Oooo I cried over ET as well.

Geiger Girl said...

Wow! What an exciting weekend update! I hope I never have a weekend update that even comes close to yours! :)

MaryNSC said...

O GOSH O GOSH I did not kn ow if U were telling me a fib are going to break into a funny story R what ,, O GOSH!!
I am so GLAD she is OK!!!
O gosh I wish he would get all well and never have to check it again..
OOOO ET makes me CRY TOOOO!!!
Hugs TO U and your Whole family
TEll Your MOM I am so GLAD SHE IS OK!!
ANd Your Nephew too..
I Hope one day we get to go to teh same CROP!!! Bring Heather too..:O)

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