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Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend update: green hair, giant fish and a wet day at Dutchwonderland

This weekend was filled with rain, much different than last weekend. On Saturday, hubby took son fishin and totally tricked me with this picture.

I really thought he caught a whopper. LOL

After laughing his ass off, hubby told me it was just the way he took the picture. The fish is much closer to the lens. Clever, isn't it.

Dear daughters and I went garage sailing, but we didn't last long. Too wet, too cold. After that we went to the beauty salon. I took a bunch of cute pictures with my phone.

I let the girls get a strip of color in their hair and they were over the top excited. Of course, their excitement was contagious and they convinced me that I would be ubber cool with green in my hair. I have to say I think they were right. LOL

You should know this about me; I just never caught the "hair bug" even as a teenager, I couldn't care less about my hair. No matter what, I have never liked it. I have had it permed, I have had it straightened, I have had it highlighted, I have had it all one length, I have had it freakishly short, I've had a mullet, I wore it in a ponytail for two years straight. I joke that I would like to shave my head and often times I consider it while I'm buzzing my son's hair.
So today I give you spring short and green. I'm thinking about using it as my new profile pic both here and on facebook.

On Sunday, we spent media day at Dutchwonderland. It was rainy and cool, but we had a blast. I can't complain about a thing. We practically had the park to ourselves, we had a catered lunch and we were invited to return some other day when the weather was more inviting.

Does it get any better than that???

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