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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lost Review: Follow the Leader

OMG...I loved last night's episode and I can't wait till the season finale next week.

I do have to admit an underlying fear I have and that is this crazy current plot of blowing up the hydrogen bomb in the energy source at the Swan Station is somehow going to work and this crazy series will end with that damn flight landing safely in LA.

This will annoy me more than the ending of the Soprano's.

That being said, last night's episode was finally entertaining to me. I loved the fact that Richard was in both story lines in both time lines. Confusing, but great.

Regular readers know how much I love Sayid and last night he made a triumphant return and as an encore even got wet. Nice.

Anyone else notice that the CG of the submarine looked terrible? How about the look that Juliet gave Kate when she ended up on that same sub? Can't say I blame her and I doubt any jury would convict her if she decided to take Kate out of the picture permanently. I mean, damn, she just keeps showing up. No matter what year, no matter what location.

What are your thoughts about this illusive Jacob? Is John really going to kill him? Can he be killed? Is Jacob really Christian Sheppard? Isn't Christian already dead?

Will Jacob know how to get Sun to Jin? Will it involve another pendulum? Geez, I hope not. How do you think everyone will be reunited? If Daniel's plan actual works, won't it erase all of the good things too? Like John's ability to walk, Sun and Jin's miracle baby, and little Aaron??

Whatever happens I hope we soon learn what happened to Rose and Bernard?

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