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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fun and Games with Jenners

Jenners is having fun on her blog with mixed up book genres.  I told her I wanted to give it a try and then I forgot about it.  If you have a chance to pop over to her blog you have to read her take on this challenge.  It is snort-out-loud funny.  Seriously, girl, you have out done yourself.

Here's my not nearly as funny entry:

Dr. Phil Mcgraw write as Barbara Parks
 beloved Junie B. Jones character
My name is Phillip Mcgraw.  Thanks to Oprah the McGraw is unnessary.  I don't like Phillip.  I just like Phil and that's all. 
I am not a real doctor but I play on on TV.  My show is called Dr. Phil.  Not Phillip.
There are lots of rules on that show.
Like no talking unless I want you to.
and every guest must cry so ratings will remain high.
I get to say things like "Sometimes you make the right decision and sometimes you make the decision right."  I don't really know what the means but it sounds good.
My wife's name is Robin.  She is real pretty.  Like many, I'm not sure what she sees in me.  She has another name too but I just like Robin and that's all.
How's it working for me?  Better than a horse's tail swats flies, that's how.

4 random thoughts:

Jenners said...

Although I don't know Junie B. Jones, I LOVED this ... the Dr. Phil stuff just cracked me up ... you skewered him real good! Totally funny and gave me a good chuckle! Thank you so much for playing!

And let's hope someone doesn't decide to make a children's book featuring Dr. Philip -- I mean, Dr. Phil -- no last name needed!

Tonya said...

That's great! Very creative and funny.

Lane said...

Geez, I hate Doc Phil, but if he were to remake himself in this form he almost is tolerable. Enjoyed the read.

septembermom said...

I love the "thanks to Oprah" remark! Priceless! This was a clever idea. The last line is a classic kind of Dr. Phil-ism. Funny.

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