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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April Book Review - Where Are You Now? by Mary Higgins Clark

After giving up on reading Wicked, I decided I needed something a little more contemporary to sink my teeth into.  While roaming aimlessly perusing the library I came across this new Mary Higgins Clark book.  Usually, I enjoy her writing so I decided to give it a go.
To my surprise, I haven't lost my mojo.  Apparently, when the book contains no fictitional places, green people, or flying monkeys I can actually read it in little to no time at all.  For me, this means about two weeks.  For my friend, Jean, this would me about two days.
This book flows easily, the characters are likable, and the point of view changes are not annoying.  Best part of all, I didn't solve the mystery long before the main character, which I enjoyed.
Total worth a spring or summer read.
May's book:  Are you there Vodka, It's me Chelsea by Chelsea Handler.
P.S.  I'm still working on the videos.  My sister is a little leary of my posting them to YouTube.  Keep your fingers crossed.

3 random thoughts:

InkHearts said...

Hey girl! Glad you had a good time at the beach. I missed you...sniff...and I was SOOOO jealous! LOL If you want to try Copics, email me.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a good read! I like mystery that keeps the suspense going, too.

Lacey said...

I'll have to check this one out! (I love your bit about the flying monkeys, haha.)

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