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Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday High Five -- Five life lessons I learned this week

This Friday I decied to post five things I've learned about life this week. This week flew by and it is hard for me to believe that it is already the middle of March.

  1. I learned that 37 mph can be considered speeding. Who knew that the shortcut I take to the gym was posted 25 mph? The entire length of this road is 25 mph. What a joke. They should change the name to Speed Trap Drive. That lesson cost $140...OUCH.

  2. I learned that YOGA is quite a workout. The day after you do yoga you will come to realize that most of the muscles that you stretched the day before have never been used in your entire life.

  3. I learned that it is possible for a child's eyesight to change in 10 months. My daughter got glasses last April and has been telling me since February that she couldn't see. I thought it was a ploy to get new frames so I told her even if she needed stronger glasses she would only be getting lenses and when that didn't stop the complaints I made her an appointment. Found out today that she does need stronger lenses. Guess I'm out of the running for Parent of the Year.

  4. I learned that my dog likes the taste of Children's Tylenol. I was trying to give my son some earlier this week and he took one tiny sip and started to throw up. Not even thinking about the dog I sat the Tylenol down on the counter and ran my son to the bathroom. Cooper drank the Tylenol. Who would have thought?

  5. I learned that the new Kelly Clarkson CD "All I Ever Wanted" is her best since "Breakaway" I love this CD and I'm so glad I bought it on the day it came out. My favorite song on it is All I Want is You; followed closely by Whyyouwannabringmedown and My life would Suck Without You. Best news of all is she is performing at our county fair later this year and I already have my tickets. Click on Kelly's name to see photos from the last time I saw her in concert.

What did you learn this week?

This post is part of Friday High Five. Angela is hosting. It's easy to play along. Just make a list of five random or related thoughhts. Click on her blog and link up your post. Mr. Linky is waiting for you!

5 random thoughts:

septembermom said...

Oh, I remember the first time I did yoga. I ached all over. I need to get back on the yoga bandwagon. It would help me feel so much better:) Don't beat yourself up about the eyesight change. I would have thought the same thing. Very cute list! Thanks for dropping by my blog too :)

MaryNSC said...

OOO gosh If I started typing I would be here till this time next week..:O(
I got me a AB Lounger that is all the streching I can do!! (SLOWLY)If I did what all U did I would have to go to the EMERGENCY room!!

Dan said...

Eyes can change fast. As someone who has worn glasses since age 3, sometimes I needed 2 changes a year through grade school. My son was the same way. At least it finally slowed down after high school, to where now I can usually go 3-5 years with the same prescription. (I no longer break my frames as often either. {*grin*})

My previous dog tended to think that ibuprofen tablets were fun to eat. Oh well, at least she felt no pain for a bit.

Becca said...

OH no! I am sorry you got a speeding ticket. $140 is rediculous! I am too jealous that you will get to see Kelly Clarkson perform. I love her!

*I also like the taste of Children's Tylenol.. and Flinstone Vitamins :P

Angela said...

I've been out of the running for parent of the year for some time now so I am glad someone is joining me! Don't feel bad we ALL have those moments. Ticket ~ ouch ~ those bite! Yoga ~ thanks for reaffirming my decision to NEVER even let it be a thought in my mind! I don't think there is anything on God's green Earth that my dogs won't eat....ugh! Oh how I love Kelly Clarkson. I have yet to buy the new CD simply b/c I haven't had time but now I can't wait. Thanks so much for participating again!

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