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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two Cents Tuesday - why doilies shouldn't be used as party favors

TuTu over at Tutu's Bliss is hosting Two Cents Tuesday. She has a fine post about romance, quite fitting for the week of Valentine's Day. If you'd like to play along, Mr. Linky is up on her site and I'm sure we'd all be better off having read your two cents worth.

As for me, I'd like to take this opportunity to talk about Classroom Parties. Ahhh, I hear the groan from the audience now.

Here's the scenario...I room full of second graders all forced to pretend they like each other by delivering store bought cards to each other in the hopes that they will bring home bags of candy. Enter the mothers in charge of the party.

I was lucky enough to be selected as a classroom helper. The paper sent home to me included this endearing sentiment: IF YOU THINK ABOUT BRINGING ANY OF YOUR OTHER NON-SCHOOL AGED CHILDREN TO THIS PARTY, WE WILL BE FORCED TO PLACE YOU AND SAID CHILDREN IN THE SCHOOL FREEZER FOR THE DURATION.

I paraphrased a little, but you get the point. Without a moment's pause, I guarantee someone will bring their younger child and say the directions were not clear.

Anywho...back to the party. I'm in charge of the craft. Yeah. I like crafts. Valentines Day is a tough one though as many boys find pink to be the most vile color in the crayon box. The "Co-ordinator" or top dog mama as I refer to her wants me to do DOILIES! Seriously. HOW. OLD. ARE. YOU?


"I think boys would love to make a doily card for their mothers," says Mary Jane. Personally, I think she's been hittin' the pipe a little. I mean how many 7 or 8 year old boys do you know that want to do anything even reasonably appropriate with a doily??

How do you get the co-ordinating job? Do I have to attend PTO/PTA meetings? Raise your hand if you think those are just an extension of the pretty girls/popular club from high school. I's a grown up snobority.

I vetoed the dollies without a majority vote. I figured it works for our government it should work for a party about love. I decided to do a bookmark craft and then I come to find out that my dear hubby is taking me away for the weekend on a surprise trip...Did I mention I hate surprises???

Alas, it seems I won't be able to help at the party.

Do you think that by cancelling this close to the actual date, I may get blacklisted from future classroom parties or, dear I even say it, not be allowed to chaperon the end of the year field trip???? ****GASP****

I can promise you this...I made a vow to my daughter that even if I have to drop off the craft on my way out of town...she will not be making a doily!

6 random thoughts:

Sarah said...

Let me know if the cancelling thing works. I'll put it in my arsenal for a later date. Right now I can count on the fact that I have two younger "undesirables" that exempt me from participation.

Melissa said...

I never got into the doily crafts.... they are flimsy and are usually torn up by the time they get home!!

Angela said...

My boy would probably go along with a doile but I am quite sure I would hear about it! I try to volunteer as much as possible at the boys' schools but I haven't attended one of the "Popular To Attend" meetings yet!! My hand is raised!

TuTu's Bliss said...

LOL no I don't think they'll be lovin' the doilies. What happened to those cute little "grow some love" plants. All kids like dirt!

♥ Kathy said...

lol bless your heart. My sister helped her son make a Houston Texans football valentine holder. He said he would be too embarrassed to bring something pink and he loves the Texans so they came up with that :) It turned out totally cute too!

Jenners said...

So I wasn't 100% clear ... did you like the doily (looks wrong???!!!) idea or not?

And how cool that you are getting swept away for Valentine's Day!

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