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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ode to the Gods of Laundry

Your task is neverending with my family of five
Today I have the flu and barely feel alive
Like our friend the tooth fairy
Could you please spare, Laundry Larry?

If he could stop by and do a load or two
My day would surely brighten a degree or two
If he looked like Sawyer, LOST I would no longer be
Perhaps he could sit in the sand and read to me.

Oh, laundry Gods, if you were real
I'd also ask you to make my family a meal.
But alas this fantasy, is not truly meant to be
for when I feel better loads will be waiting there for me.

This was part of Mama Kat's writer's assigment.  A link to her blog is off to the left.

9 random thoughts:

InkHearts said...

Too cute! I have to steal it, (with minor modifications of course) Why is it that we all love the "badboy?" SAWYER RULZ!!!
the word is "downsiat" which, as every Texas knows, is a backwards version of a common command we give to our children!

Heather said...

Oooh, I want a laundry god to come to my house!! It shouldn't be difficult to do laundry for one person, but I HATE it. Yuck. I have a pile waiting on me right now.
Well done with the poem! :)

Jennifer said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear that you are sick. I hope you feel better and that the laundry gods come to visit! :)

Dan said...

Personally, I appeal to the sock gods. If I can't get the laundry gods to do it, maybe I can get the sock gods to make it disappear.

Maybe that would work on your laundry too?

P.S. Thanks or the compliment on the Haiku.

Lacey said...

Ah, the laundry gods... I'm certain they exist, but they just don't seem to care...

If this poem works, you MUST let me know! :D

Anonymous said...

That was really fun! I wouldn't mind a Laundry Larry either!

Enfys said...

Laundry? None of my American friends do any ironing, is that just their generation? I have a sock goblin who comes and steals one of every pair I put in the machine. Hope you are better

Jenners said...

This was so great! I believe in Laundry Larry! I believe in Laundry Larry!

If I believe will he show up?
If I click my heels three times?

This was soooooo great! I loved it!

Anonymous said...

When the laundy god makes your meals then he/ she / it can make it over to my house.

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