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Monday, February 16, 2009

Fun and games with Jenners

Jenners at Life with Little One and More is hosting a silly game on her website today.  It looks like you have until the end of the  month to enter.

The idea is to write the worst opening to a novel ever.  Here are my entries...

  • It was raining and everything was wet.  Sarah didn't want to go outside for she had a terrible fear of melting. ~ from Adventures of a bar of soap.
  • Aliens were picketing on my front yard and I knew from the very beginning that today wasn't going to be a good day. ~ from the Top 10 Reasons I Lost My Job
  • Earthworms live in dirt.  They mate with themselves.  After what just happened with my last boyfriend, I think I may want to be an earthworm. ~ from My boyfriends name is Jack.  It's short for something.
If you want to play along, Mr. Linky is up on Jenners blog.

11 random thoughts:

Enfys said...

Hilarious, you are so imaginative. I bet when you were a little girl you just sat and daydreamed ridiculous scenario daydreams all day at school (although you must have woken up for the English lessons as you write so well.......)
En xx

Anonymous said...

I love Jenners profile pic.

I'm gonna have to think on this one. Sounds interesting.

Jenners said...

I totally love the soap one! That was perfectly bad! So bad it was good! And the "aliens picketing in the yard" -- classic! And yeah ... earthworms .. totally don't want to read that book! These were great! I was totally dying laughing over the soap one! Thanks so much for playing!

Sometimes Sophia said...

Hilarious!! A++ for your bad writing skillz. "Jack... which is short for something..." LOL. "Picketing aliens." Too funny.

CDB said...

These are hilarious!! I laughed out loud at the soap title. Very creative!

♥ Kathy said...

lol It was raining and everything was wet. :-p

kisatrtle said...

Thanks so much for stopping by to laugh along with my entries. I hope you all will decide to play along..

InkHearts said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your lines!!! hehehe Especially the bar of soap one. I wrote a couple too, check mine out and tell me what you think. Don't you think it totally makes it when you put a title as well? I has soooo much fun doing this.
todays word: "diester"
This is the first two words of the first line of a very bad novel...
"Die Ester!" he muttered under his breath as he thoroughly mixed the ant poison into her favorite breakfast of hot muesli with fresh raspberries. An excerpt from Death By Breakfast.

Tiffany said...

Those are good! Love the alien one. And the earthworms!

CJ said...

Jack who?
Loved that one.

Fiona said...

ha! popped over from Jenners... enjoy your blog!

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