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Thursday, January 29, 2009

What I learned this week

It is Thursday and time for my "What I learned this week posting."  Feel free to play along and let me know what you learned.

  • I learned that having a long weekend with the kids can actually be fun.  Sure there were times when I thought, "When do you go back to school?"  but there were also times when they played dress up, and hide and seek, and made caves out of the couch cushions.
  • I learned that going to Stuff-mart is never a good idea.
  • I learned that I can defeat the clutter monster in my house. One. Room. at. a. time.
  • I learned that Facebook is more hassle than it is worth.  Please note:  If we weren't friends in high school I have no desire to be your friend now.  Why do you think I didn't include my maiden name?  It's because I'm hiding from you.
  • I learned bloggy buddies can really cheer you up.
What did you learn this week?

3 random thoughts:

Andy said...

Are we bloggy buddies, even though you (mistakenly) think you are too old to read my blog?

BTW- I like the new design (even if it may, at this point, not be new)

Jenners said...

Yes..the key to defeating the clutter monster is to fight it one room at a time. It can be quite satisfying...but it always seems to worm its way back in no matter how hard you try.

I am a bit conflicted about Facebook. After the initial contact, I just don't have much to say to people I haven't been in contact with for 15 years or so. I much prefer blogging.

Enfys said...

Love the facebook comment, my kids made me join and I spent two weeks of pure paranoia because my friend Anne had 127 1/2 friends and I only had 4 (her and my kids). Then common sense took over, and I now ignore requests from people who as far as I can remember I have never met in my life to become my friend. I have lived this long without them, I can live the rest of my life the same way. You cheer me up every time I come over here. Funny girl :)
Enfys xx

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