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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Me vs. Clutter: Update #3

I feel quite exhausted.  I think the clutter is winning.  I'm almost out of wine.  However, my carpet is clean in my craft room.  Most of the clutter is gone or contained.  I found some things I need to put on Ebay.  I have some drawers I need to clean out that will probably contain more things I need to put on Ebay.

Warning:  Do not be alarmed by these before pictures.  They can invoke a strong desire to contact those crazieeee beotches on Clean House.  Trust me.  I can't tolerate them.  Or Oprah.  Or Scrapbookers Annoymous...

In order to tackle this mess, I needed to move all of the crap into my bedroom and clean the carpets.   After they were clean I went sledding with the kids.  It was a much deserved break.
Then the real work began.  I had to go through all of this crap stuff.  Wow...I have a lot of crap stuff.  Anyhoo, here is the finished masterpiece.  I am now officially afraid to actually scrapbook in here because I am bound to mess it up and it looks so damn nice.
Can I get a hell yeah!

3 random thoughts:

InkHearts said...

OMG!!! I LOVE YOUR CRAFT ROOM!!!! The walls are just too...I don't know...scrumptious! You really did a good job kickin' some clutter butt. Now I need to get some of that motivation. Can you send me some, if you have any leftover, that is! *wink*
P.s. so my word is "sesoan", which sounds to me like either toddler-speak..."what is Mommy doing?" ..."se-soan" (she's sewing) or one of my own kids with their scary, East Texas drawl..."what were you doing at the park?" ... "Ah wuz se-soan" (extra points if you can decipher that on your own! LOL)

Jenners said...

Hell yeah.

Angela said...

Hell yeah! Just a wee bit jealous over here! Love the walls and your cricut cover ~ did you buy it or make it?

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