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Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend update: How I did with my to-do list

Many Two of you have been waiting anxiously for this update and I didn't want to keep you waiting any longer.  I'm thoughtful like that.

My weekend had its ups and downs.

Some of the ups included:
  • The Steelers whomping the Chargers
  • My hubby enjoying the dog park as much as Copper, and
  • Time to craft. 
Some of the downs included:
  • The dog peeing on my scrapbook bag (I mean does he want to continue to live here or not),
  • The kids overflowing a disgusting upstairs toilet and
  • vomit on the living room floor (the dog again).

As for my to-do list here the update:
  • The snowman.  As usual the weather report for the area was all hype and no action.  After being promised six inches of snow.  This is what we got.
  • Create a few scrapbook pages.  I was able to make a few more pages for my Disney Book and I will post them later this week.  I only need to make three more and then my book is complete!  Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to make a card.
  • Put the laundry away that is piled up on my dresser.'s still there.
  • Vacuum the entire upstairs of my house. I'm happy to say that I did get this accomplished even if I don't have the pictures to prove it.
  • Update the Blog.  This one is pretty obvious.  I'm happy with the way it turned out.  Let me know if it is user friendly or not.
What did you accomplish this weekend?  Did you get any snow?  Make a snowman?  Have an opportunity to do any crafting.  I'd love to hear about it.

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InkHearts said...

No wonder you didn't get much done! What a let down the no-show-snow must have been. You were depressed, poor thing! ;O) Ooops! There goes my gift of enabling again...hehehe. I have an idea about the laundry...just leave it there till you wear it all. Then you can put it away after you wash it again! When you say,"Disney scrapbook" do you mean scrapbook with Disney stuff, or a scrapbook about a trip to Disney? Hooray for you with the vacuuming! Now you get to do the "yayy me!" dance! (and you must clap while you do it!) My hubby did all the laundry today...YAYYY ME! **clapping**


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