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Saturday, November 1, 2008


Have you ever been to a soccer tournament? We played in a U8 tourney today and although it was a very long day, it was incredibly fun to watch. Best of all, our team remained undefeated and took first place.

My daughter (first on the left on the ground) was very tickled with herself. She likes the feeling of being champion though I must admit she played very little.
As a parent that can be very frustrating (I think I see some heads out there nodding). As a coach, you need to do what you can to play the kids who obviously want to play. Some days, my daughter wants to play and other days....not so much.
I've watched soccer games in the blazing sun, in the pouring rain, and in the snow. I have never seen her score a goal or come even close.
Boo hoo, right? Nope, there's no crying here.
It's not about that. It's about being part of team and always having a smile on your face. After all what's the difference between my daughter and the little boy on our team who scored all five goals in the championship game?
Nothing. They're both polishing the same medal. GOOOOOOOOOOO THUNDER!

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the Daily Scrapper said...

WTG to your lil Monkey. I agree teamwork is all about the team. If your job is to cheer from the bench or schore goals you are both important!!! Good job MOM!!!!!!!

MaryNSC said...


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