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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Busy hands, busy mind

I find if you want to take you mind off of things, the best thing to do is craft. Here is a photo of the popcorn boxes I made using TBBM. They are cut at 5 inches. The matching tag is cut at 2 inches. Sorry about the quality of the picture. Inside are a half dozen homade chocolate coins. They are my kids favorite...white chocolate with peppermint on top.

These are the teacher cards I'm working on. They have been well received in the past, but as you can see from the photos there is an endless amount of them. A problem that occurs when you have three kids, some with more than one teacher.

I'm all about useful or edible presents. The cards will get some stitching tomorrow and I'll post pictures of the finished product.

This is a retired Close to My Heart stamp; It's from a school set. The Thank You stamp is from a clear thank you set; the name of both the these is escaping me, if I remember I'll post it some other time.

Just think...pretty soon I can start on the bus driver sets. LOL

3 random thoughts:

Andy said...

I think you should make me one... just kidding. If I want to take my mind off of things, I don't think I've ever done arts and crafts.

kisatrtle said...

Andy, you'd be surprised how theaputic a glue stick can be.

MaryNSC said...

O love them I love that little stamp u put on the back too.. I got tired just LOOKING.. WHOOO U been working HARD!!! The kids I bet r so proud of U!!OOO I want to make that box too!!!Thank U for helping me all the time..

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