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Sunday, November 30, 2008

A bit of a weekend update

As I mentioned before we didn't have as large of a Thanksgiving as we were anticipating, but it was a houseful none the less.

Here is my FIL and my dad trying not to dose off after dinner.

My dad and step mom came out just for the day but my in laws stayed over one night.

No matter how much we tried to convince my MIL to come out with us on Black Friday she wasn't too interested. I can't understand why?

My mother in law had a great time hanging out with my kids and my sisters kids.

She brought little crafts for them to do and she did some puzzles. She claimed this was much more relaxing than shopping with us.

Friday night my family and my sisters family went to a local metro park that does a Christmas lights display.

It was a beautiful, but cold evening.

The kids loved all the lights and they especially liked the train display. They were able to visit with Santa and best of all they all fell fast asleep when we got home.

On Saturday morning, we went to breakfast with Santa at a local fire hall. We all had a plate of pancakes, the kids got their faces painted and made a craft and then we piled all five of them onto Santa's lap.

My sister and her family planned to drive the 7 hours home after breakfast with Santa on Saturday, but unfortunately, had some car trouble and were forced to spend another night.

No one seemed to mind. They made it safely home today and my kids are already asking when they're cousins will be back.

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MaryNSC said...

WOW Yawl Look like all had so much FUN!!!
I think I got to finish up all mine today. I IS Fixiing to CRASH!!!
I feel like that deer that stopped to get a drink of water.. HAHAHHAHAHHA
I just Love your little cards U send..

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