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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A project five years in the making

I'm not sure if I should ask for some applause or if I should just be too embarrassed to post about this. Seeing as I find few things embarrassing, I decided that I would post a picture of my latest completed project and one of the many reasons I am not done reading the first book in the Twilight series much to my friend, Jean's annoyance. Disclaimer: Jean can read an entire 300 page book in about three hours so I don't think we should be using her as a scale.

Flashback about five years and you will see a young mother walking with two young daughters through a craft store thinking about the new baby she is carrying and searching for a wonderful cross stitch blanket to make. She made two blankets for those sweet little girls and now she was looking forward to making one for her son.
Sounds like an unrealistic Hallmark commercial, doesn't it.

Needless to say, she thought about throwing in the towel on this never ending project many times, but she didn't.
So here are some pictures of the final COMPLETE project. I think I can hear a faint Hallelujah chorus.

4 random thoughts:

Jean said...

You are so lucky I am not offended. HOWEVER, I don't read a whole book in 3 hours, punk! That book was like 500 pages and I read it in like 2-3 days. LOL Such is the importance of me, that I have nothing else to do but read. It's a terrible and informative life I lead. Life does suck for me, **sigh** :)

Jean said...

P.S. cute blanket. I could have done it in a week if I wasn't so busy reading.

the Daily Scrapper said...

You did a wonderful job. Don't worry with 3 kids here too it takes my forever to get anything done other than scrappin. My laundry is never done.

Tonya said...

That is sooo awesome that you stuck with it! And it looks awesome, too! I would have given up a long time ago. That's kind of how I feel about scrapping lately...should I just keep going or give in and just admit that I'll never be caught up???!

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