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Monday, October 6, 2008

Back from the BEACH!

My trip was fantastic! I truly hope all of you had as great of a weekend. This is a picture of all of us who went and my friend Jen, who was visiting with us via Skype. She is in Africa because of her husband's work obligations and obviously couldn't get back for the weekend. We all miss her!

I managed to actually do a little scrapbooking on this trip and will post pictures of those pages throughout the week. I've been busy running around all morning. My little guy got poison ivy on his face and his eyes swelled shut this morning so we had to make an unexpected doctor visit. He and his sisters were camping with daddy while mommy was away and apparently he got into something he shouldn't have.
Welcome back to reality, right??

He's looking a little better...but has to take a steroid for six days and we have to put some cream on it. No preschool today, but he may be able to go back tomorrow.

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MaryNSC said...

O WOW Looks like yawl really had a good time can not wait to see th pics.. Hope he is better tooo..I so sorry.. That stuff is awful!!!

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