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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Just Write Tuesday #20

To the future POTUS:

First, I have no doubt that you are indeed a faithful reader of my blog. That being said, I'd like you to pay close attention to the following areas once you are elected. Please note, they are not in order of importance.

WAR: As I reflect on the fact that we have been at war since the birth of my middle daughter, I'm deeply saddened. Before, I get an onslaught of emails, I didn't say I was for or against the war, I just said I was sadden that we are still at war. Please consider that, Mr. President, when making future decisions.

HEALTH CARE: All American citizens should be entitled to health care. Do I know how to accomplish this? No. Do I know how to pay for this? No. Do I believe that it is the right thing to do? With all my heart.

GAY UNIONS: This is a touchy subject that I will not pretend to know a lot about. However, I will say this. I worked many years for a gay man whom I loved as a friend. The fact that he died alone in a hospital because his partner was not afforded the same rights as my husband has brought many a tear to my eye.

GAS PRICES: How do we solve this dilemma? I suppose that is why you are running for POTUS and not me. The right answers seem to allude me. What I'm asking is that you please help my family of five continue to drive our van, which cost more to fill up with gas than I ever imagined it would.

Finally, as my dad always said to me, ask yourself this the world a better place because you are in it? Find a way to answer yes.


an undecided voter

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MaryNSC said...

This world would be Perfect if it was not a ME ME ME world..:O(

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