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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I got tagged

I got tagged by Sweet Mary and now I've got to tag somebody..

The challenge is to list 6 random facts about myself and/or 7 strange things about about myself. I will tag a few others and hopefully they will play along by listing the same random facts/odd things about themselves.

Six random facts about me...

1. I do not like food that is mixed together with other food. ie: hamburger helper, chocolate chip ice cream. Actually, I don't like anything with hamburger in it. UGH.

2. My shoe size is 6 1/2.

3. I rarely, if ever, wear make-up.

4. My children's names all begin with the letter G.

5. I enjoy spending time with my friends; especially the crazy crew I get to spend two weekends a year with at the beach.

6. My favorite color is green.

Six odd things about me.

See above...LOL

I will be tagging:

The Daily Scrapper



The Elmo Wallpaper

1 random thoughts:

the Daily Scrapper said...

You tagged me I'm it I'm it as I daydream of my childhood and climbing trees to hide from the tagger I am proud to be tagged by you. :)

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