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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some fun we've had this week

This week started off with the ALS walk. This is an annual event for my family as my mother's sister died from the disease in 2005. Our team raised close to $2,000 and the grand total of the walk was almost $50,000! I'm in the center of the photo my mom is on the left and my good friend Becky is on the right.

The rest of the photos show some of the fun I have been enjoying with my youngest while his sisters are off having a fun filled week with their grandma. I must say that people with one child have little to whine about. There is no fighting and hardly any crying at my house this week. **smile** I miss the other two but I'm enjoying the peace and quiet and I'm beginning to see how much my son misses his siblings.

Little one and I are soaking up the last few weeks of summer and doing it by spending little cash...which is always a plus.

We took the canoe out with daddy and went fishing. Unfortunately, we didn't catch anything but we had some bites. We had rain earlier in the week so we used some free coupons we had to go bowling. The only cost were the shoes. I bowled terribly and really struggled to beat my five year old. How sad is that?

Tuesday we went to a free movie at a local theater and used more coupons for free meals. Sweet. We saw a movie, had popcorn, a drink and some skittles and got two free kids meals and the only thing I paid for was the popcorn ($5.00)!

Today we went golfing with a gaggle of boys and one dear little girl...all friends from our neighborhood. It was a fun time, a little hot, but we had ice cream later. Total cost for 24 holes of mini golf and ice cream for mom and child around $8.00.

I'll post more pics of the fun we have the rest of the week. TFL

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MaryNSC said...

Wow what a super thing to do.. My neighbor died of that too..;O(
Wow Looks like yawl had a ball!!! Cant wait to see more PICS~~~~

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