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Monday, June 30, 2008

Bad news and good news

The chapter in my life story entitled, The day my daughter left her glasses at the park has been for the most part concluded. Yes--the glasses were found. No---they were not in good shape. A little girl from our neighborhood found them at the playground today and turned them in to one of the coordinators.

***SIDE NOTE*** Our township has a summer playground program. This is run by a group of adults and teen volunteers and provides an opportunity for tons of kids to play there each weekday morning for a small fee for the entire summer****

The coordinator gave them to my daughter, but unfortunately they were quite mangled and were missing a lens. Hence, the bad news. We took them to our eye doctors and were greeting with quite a few perplexing looks. I wish I would have taken a picture of them....they had quite a story to tell.

Anyway, because DD has only had them for a little over 6 weeks and because she is only 9 years old, as a "customer courtesy" they are going to replace them free of charge. Yes, Virginia, there is a doctor's office that still believes in something called courtesy.

Is that good news or what? I can't believe it. I was speechless and if you knew me you would know how hard that is to accomplish! They told me that they can't promise to replace them again, but they will do it this time. Wow.

That neighborhood girl just saved this mom nearly $200 bucks. We stopped at the store on the way back from the eye doctors and bought her a cute little toy -- a doodle turtle in a purse. Gotta love that!

4 random thoughts:

Lori said...

Congrats on having a wonderful doctor. That was very sweet of you & your daughter to get the little girl a gift. I'm sure she will appreciate it.


Lori1brat said...

OMG - I am SO glad that my 9 year old daughter isn't the only one who has a problem with her glasses. I have lost count of how many times we have replaced her glasses (MIND YOU - this is only in a 1-year period) 5 times ? LONG story short - she is going to be wearing Basketball goggles this upcoming school year ! Thanks for the laugh !!!

Roxanne said...

That is awesome !!!! My mouth dropped open.Hard to believe that they are going to replace them for free !!!
I am sure you will make a lovely thank you card.;)

Robyn said...

Ughhhh! That bites but so awesome that they gave you a free set!

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