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Friday, June 27, 2008 the highest level

I'm taking a time out because I'm so annoyed right now I feel like maybe if I type it out I won't feel so ERRRRRRRRRR. As I type though the only sound I can hear is my children fighting with each other. My four year old has mastered the "mimicking" torture technique so he is repeating everything his sisters say. I'm pretty sure I just heard the 40th rendition of "knock it, off".

Anyway the source of my frustration is my oldest dd who decided to "forget" her glasses at the playground this morning. Both of my girls attend a summer playground program that runs each weekday morning from 9-12. There is about 100 kids there and I'm loosing any hope that the glasses were found by an adult.

Get this....she thinks that she left them on a bench by the sandbox but when I took her back over there she was looking all through the ground near the sandbox. I just don't need this additional expense right now.

Honestly, is it too much to expect that a 9 year old keep their glasses on their face.

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