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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Making Progress on my Disney Book

Here are the latest LO I made for my Disney Scrapbook. They are actually in reverse order than how I wanted them to appear but I'll try to make the best of it.

Starting on the bottom:

Where the Magic Begins: Of course I have too many pictures of the castle to count so I picked three great shots and a really cute one of my kids for this page. In the pocket are tickets to the park. One day we forgot our pass and they had to give us real ticket stubs; I scooped them right up for my book LOL

The Polynesian Resort: This is the Hawaii themed Disney resort; we stayed here because I couldn't get a value resort for the size of my family. It was a real sacrifice...not! This place is gorgeous! I would stay there again in a heartbeat. The map of the resort I printed from a website. I really like how it turned out. The palm tree is from Doodlecharms.

The volcano pool: This is the actual pool at the resort. The kids LOVED it! The girls were able to go down the slide and jump through the waterfall. We were so busy that there wasn't much time for swimming, but we made the most of it when we got the chance.

Cinderella's Carousel: I didn't have many pictures from this, but I loved the two I had. I made the horses from the Happily Ever After cart as well as the little post I put between them. By cutting the horses out twice I was able to piece together some different colors.

Sword in the stone (1..2...3...pull): My kids really thought they might get this sword out. It was cute to watch. Finally after each tried they tried one last time all together. Guess didn't budge. LOL I made the sword from the Happily Ever After cart as well. I made it that big by manipulating the cut on the design studio software.

Thanks for taking time to look.

5 random thoughts:

I dream of scrappin said...

Awesome LO! Love the sowrd one!

Robyn said...

I love these pages!! We are going to Disney World in the Fall so these are giving me some great ideas!!

kisatrtle said...

Thanks for looking! I really had fun making these. I'm working on a Captain Hook layout for the BBtB contest!

MelissaAllore said...

Great LO's and blog!

Anonymous said...

You do beautiful work! Thanks for sharing with us.

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