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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I've been feeling a real urge to get back into writing fiction. Obviously, my newspaper would frown on me submitting it there so I've decided to write something for my blog every Tuesday. Having recently been to a fiction writer's workshop, I feel energized by the process. Of course, when the rejection letters start resurfacing and circling my failing manuscript I will most like need to visit here often and see plenty of positive feedback **hint, hint** As part of the workshop we were given a person/place/thing exercise and I really enjoyed that. This week's story will feature POLICEMAN, GARDEN and a SHOE and I will write for 15 minutes. If you want to suggest a topic that would be super cool...

Eric fastened all the buttons of his uniform and glanced at his reflection in the mirror. All of his hard work was about to pay off. He was just hours away from being officially sworn in as a police officer.

As he walked downstairs he could hear the voices of his wife and his mother coming from the kitchen. "Charlie would have been so proud of him," said his mom, Ellen. "You know how much the police force meant to him. I just wish he could be here to see this."

"I know," said Eric's wife Sonia, "These last four months without Charlie have been hard on us all, but I think they've been exceptionally hard on Eric."

Even though he wanted to join the conversation, Eric couldn't bring himself to leave the foot of the steps and walk the short distance to the kitchen. Too many memories, too much pain. The pain that he saw in his mother's eyes even when she was trying to desperately to conceal it was more than obvious.

Instead of the kitchen, he opted for fresh air and a quick walk through the garden. He touched the creeping tomato vine ever so slightly and though about it's fragility. Here today and gone tomorrow. Such is life, he thought. He recalled his dad saying "When it's your time, it's your time. No matter what." And even though he so wanted to believe that he still felt deep inside that maybe if he had been there, things might have turned out differently.

"Oh there you are," said Sonia, waking him from his memories. "You about ready to go?"

"Yeah, yeah. Just getting a bit of fresh air before we go," said Eric. "Is mom ready?"

"I think so," said Sonia, "She's so proud of you she's practically oozing it. It's nice to see her smile."

"Dad's shoes are going to be hard to fill," said Eric, grabbing his wife's hand and walking to the garage. "But I'm honored to have this opportunity to try."

Charlie Hudson was a man's man. He enjoyed hunting, fishing and fixing things. He felt most at home when he pulled on that blue uniform, fastened all those buttons and secured his weapon for another night's work. Charlie had no way of knowing that today, April 22, would be the last time he would preform his most favorite of rituals.

2 random thoughts:

Jean said...

wow dude, I want to know what happens! You know I have lots of interest in police stuff. Also, I could be a source and you know how much I love that too. :)

Where do you get your ideas? I like it.

kisatrtle said...

This was inspired by a random pick of three cards, person (policman) place (garden) and thing (shoe). I don't know where my ideas come from and right now I'm not sure what happens.

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