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Monday, April 21, 2008

How to make a little boy happy...

Shave his head! My son has been asking for a summer hair cut for about a week now. I tried to explain that it's not quite summer time in Pennsylvania yet but that doesn't deter him. Every day...

"Can you cut my hair like Joshy's now?"

"When can I have my hair like Joshy's?

"I think I need my hair short."

"When will my hair be shorter?"

"I'm soo sweaty it's 'cause I have too much hair."

Josh is his good buddy and he sports the short look all
year round. I said after preschool today I'll buzz ya if
you want and he did not forget. He even told his teacher
that he was getting his hair cut today.

Do you think he was a little excited? He kept asking me to stop half-way through just so he could see how silly he looked.

Now he can't stop rubbing his head and asking his big sisters if they want to touch it. He had to wear a hat to the bus stop just so he could "surprise" them.

Do you remember when the little things in life, like a new hair cut made you that happy?

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