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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Just love this layout...

I don't know why I like this layout. It's not really a fun happy memory for me, the pictures aren't really good and Brandon looks very sad, but I do like the layout. This happened two summer ago. My neighbors little boy broke his arm on the playground in my back yard trying to cross the monkey bars. It happened so quick, we had a houseful of kids and we were caught unprepared and began scrambling around like chickens without heads. It was very say the least. I'm sure I will remember it long after Brandon forgets all about it.

2 random thoughts:

Diane said...

I really like this layout too - the font is perfect and I love the way you placed the close up photo of the arm in a cast. Nice job!

Jean said...

Ah, I remember this well. I love how you match your backgrounds to your pictures.

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