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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lessons from the Lunchlady: slightly behind schedule

This week we passed our inspection without a single violation, learned that the pest control specialist secretly wants to be a meteorologist and found out its possible to run out of refried beans.

Is that a valentine in your pocket? When a kindergartener tried to take his tray with one had firmly in his pocket his teacher stepped in and told him to leave that valentine in his pocket alone or he would have to lose it and wouldn't get it back. And all the adults reading said "snicker...snicker". Just for the record, he really HAD a valentine in his pocket.

Bumps are entertaining. Apparently when you are five and you break out in hives, it is really hard to keep from showing your bumps TO EVERY SINGLE PERSON YOU SEE. Even in the lunch line.

Bumps aren't nearly as entertaining as smiley fries. Our imaginations go into hyperdrive when we serve smiley fries. At least this guy is eating his vegetables...right??

Even the lunchladys knew what shirt to wear? When an aide in our building seemed surprised that even the lunch ladies knew what special shirt to wear on a certain day, we decided to mess with her later in the week and have nearly everyone in the building send her a text telling her something different to wear. Insert evil laugh.

"I'm gonna eat a man". The lunch ladies weren't the only ones with active imaginations this week. A first grader seemed thoroughly excited that we put his mini corndogs on his tray in the shape of a man. Um...really? Yep. We did. And we weren't even trying.

What did you learn this week?

3 random thoughts:

steph said...

Awesome post. My first time here.. and you did make me laugh. Loved the Valentine in your pocket thing - who wouldn't? Maybe I'm still 8 years old. I learned a new word this week - pipistrelle - it's a bat! Beautiful name for a bat, isn't it?

Kristie Maynard said...

As always, you have some wonderful lessons. You always put a smile on my face. I learned that when you start a project on the house, it always turns into something bigger. Now that our daughter has moved out, we need to have the ceileing redone in her room. BIL started the work on Friday and ceiling is up. BUT now they are ripping out a wall to redo it as there was some old water damage that he found. Guess I didn't just learn this, it's something I re-learned, it always works this way doesn't it?

Jenners said...

You guys have a lot of fun … and I bet you have a reputation throughout the school!

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