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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lessons from the Lunchlady: What's your cheeseburger taste like

With a portion of my family down with the flu this week was a lesson in juggling work duties with home needs.

Thankfully Middle G is back on her feet and ready to tackle the three day week we have on the horizon.

Here's what I learned:

Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name: When my co-worker's second grader went down with the flu and she went home, it was a sight for sore eyes to see my former boss, who popped in to have lunch with us. She slipped back into a hairnet and helped us serve. It was a win-win.

Mac & cheese took a right hook this week. The thing about lunch count is we desperately need them to stay pretty high. I mean, with school districts cutting everything, it's not uncommon to have the cafeteria staff outsourced. I really don't want that to happen and as of this writing it doesn't seem to be a discussion item. That being said, I can't figure out how the minds of our customer base works? Mac & cheese used to be one of our most popular meals....this week not so much.

Everybody likes s'mores... We had a campfire themed lunch on Friday of hot dogs, baked beans and a low fat s'more. The key to increasing lunch count, may simply be adding chocolate. We had a lot of new faces in line.

Where's the sub? One of the days I had to leave early, the sub filing in would complete her work and then sort of shadow one of the other girls until they told her what else to do, It was similar to the game we have all played with our toddlers. You know the one...(insert high pitched voice) Where's little G? Even though you know he's right in front of you, he thinks you can't see him because his hands are over his face and he can't see you.

Reason #3,546 why the flu virus loves elementary school. Kindergarten student to another kindergartener: "what does your cheeseburger taste like?" Other student, "I don't know what does your cheeseburger taste like. You try." They then proceeded to swap cheeseburger and try a bite of each others. Afterwards the first boy said, "Wow, my cheeseburger tastes just like your cheeseburger."

What did you learn this week?

4 random thoughts:

becca said...

back off and leave my cheeseburger alone is what i learned

Jenners said...

Oh yes … the cheesebuger germ swap. lovely.

And chocolate will boost any attendance at lunch!

Mitchell is Moving said...

Had to read that twice: I thought you served baked beans ON S'mores!

As for those cheeseburgers. His always tasted BETTER than mine.

Kristie Maynard said...

Hope everyone is better and back on their feet. We had the bug at Christmas time and hopefully it won't make a reappearance.
As always you have learned some interesting things.
I learned that when you are dealing with internet companies, they sure do change in the course of a couple years! My list for donation requests for a fundraiser I'm working on was cut by about 30% Sorry to say a lot of businesses went out of business!

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