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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Tribute: What is the most unusual Christmas present you ever recieved.

When it comes to Christmas presents, in my 40 years I have had some serious duds but we aren't talking about those today. Today we are talking about the most unusual.

For me, this question is simple. The answer is a set of cookbooks.

I know what you're thinking. How is that unusual? Let me finish. I recieved a set of three cookbooks from a dead person.

I was at the funeral of a longtime member of our church. While she was older, her death was still rather sudden and brought about quickly by the onset of thyroid cancer. Her family traveled from overseas to be there. Her ten year old grandson gave one of the most memorable eulogies I ever heard.

He spoke of a grandmother that he seldom saw but whom he knew loved him dearly. He shared many small things that she did that he would never forget from taking the time to mail him the smallest trinket to compiling and entire book of his writings.

His love for her filled the entire church.

I'm pretty sure everyone was crying.

After the funeral meal, as I was heading to the car, a tall slender woman said my name in the form of a question.

"Yes," I replied.

"I'm Caroline's daughter," she said, "My mom was your secret sister. I think she knew she wouldn't see the holiday. A gift from her, to you," she said handing me a wrapped package. "Happy Christmas."

It's been many years since Caroline's death and I still have those cookbooks.

A simple gesture from a dying woman.

What was the most unusual present you've ever recieved?

5 random thoughts:

Monkey said...

that was beautiful! (yes I cried)

well lets see, once I recieved hair spray, don't laugh it was the 80's I actually had hair and wore it in a flock of seagulls style,b ut still when I opened the package, everyone looking on, eyes wide I was stunned to say the least...but my yrs of acting as if everything was grand when actually childhood was shit came in handy, I acted thrilled and everyone went home happy :)

kisatrtle said...

I'm still smiling at the flock of seagulls hair :-)

Kristie Maynard said...

The gift that comes to mind is the "diamond" ring my nephew gave me one year. He was about 6 yrs old and got it in the Secret Santa Shop at school. He is now 33 yrs old and I still have that ring. He is also my Godson and a very special kid.

Jenners said...

What a lovely story. I bet you think of her every time you use those cookbooks. What a great way to be remembered!

Mitchell is Moving said...

I have nothing as beautiful to share as your story!

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