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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Once Upon A Time: Lady of the Lake

I debated writing a review on this week's episode, but let's be serious we need to talk about how awesomely gorgeous Lancelot is.

This week we have a lot of locations and some time jumps so let's get on with it. Lets start with pre-curse Fairytale land where Charming and Snow spend an annoying amount of time kissing... and fighting bad guys.

King George remains angry with with his fake son Charming who he offered everything to only to be dissed. Hence all the fighting. A midst all the fighting Lance kidnaps Snow and hauls her to King George.

George offers refreshments and proceeds to have a lengthy dialogue with Snow about why things went downhill in his life. Starting with a curse making it impossible for his wife to have children offered in the form of a refreshing drink. Who drinks anything offered to them by their kidnapper?

Needless to say, now Snow is cursed with the no babies curse and Hotty Pants Lance is kind if jacked off about it so he wants to help her. All of King George's men are about to head off Charming and his sweet mother Ruth at her cabin. Even though Charming begs her to remain inside while he dies for her she ends up with an arrow to the chest.

Charming, Lance, Snow and Ruth venture to visit with the scary Lady of the Lake seeking her healing powers. Sadly, she's all dried up.

But alas Lancelot to the rescue!

Lance finds a tiny swallow full of water. Charming wants to give it to his mom but while they were looking for it Snow told Ruth what happened to her and how she won't be able to conceive. Ruth wants Snow to drink it but Snow knows that this will not win her favor with Charming. Nothing like pulling the "who do you love more card" the first time you meet mommy.

Ruth pretends to drink the water and gets Snow and Charming to marry as her last wish. Lancelot agrees to perform the ceremony and gets Snow to drink the water.

The Storybrooke storyline was a little lame for me. David is coming up with a plan to find Mary Margaret and Emma by walking around aimlessly and putting Henry back in school.

Henry thinks his plan is stupid and decides to find Jefferson. Jefferson is apparently depressed and afraid to seek out his daughter. Henry tells him to grow up and go see her. Jefferson says check out your moms vault. Henry tricks Regina into handing over her keys and manages to let some snakes out.

David saves him but it was all very anticlimactic. They have a fake sword fight while David's fake dad watches from a far. What will King George do?

Back on the Enchanted island Snow and Emma are still in the pit with Cora. She is pretending to be a concerned mother and is getting Emma to reveal a lot of info. Snow puts the cabosh on that and tells her that whatever Regina is, Cora is worse.

The leader of the island campground summons them and Snow is delighted to find out it is Lancelot. Yeah...more Lance.

Aurora still wants to kill Snow and Mulan still hates everyone. Lancelot asks Mulan to take Snow and Emma through the Enchanted forest and to keep them safe from the ogres. Apparently, those blind bandits are wrecking havoc.

Snow has a plan to travel back through the waredrobe. Back to Storybrooke. After some sad CG ogres, the women escape and make it to Snow's former homestead. Aurora is now with them as her failed attempt to kill Snow has led her to reconsider her need for friendship.

Once inside the castle, Lance appears. Snow is happy to see him, but he seems exceptionally interested in the waredrobe. Turns out Lance is just Cora in disguise and that is such a disappointment. I am hoping Sinqua Walls returns to this role in the future as he is a pleasure to watch. Snow, Cora and Emma battle. Emma sets the waredrobe on fire and Cora vanishes.

The women trek back to camp to break the news to the other rebels that Lance was just a figment of their imagination. I'm sure many will be heartbroken.

Cora reappears and gathers the waredrobe's ashes. Whatever will she make?

Next week. Captain Hook, who is also easy on the eyes.

2 random thoughts:

Monkey said...

have you watched nashville...I would love you to review that as well :)


becca said...

i am so happy this show is back on

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