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Monday, October 1, 2012

Lessons from the Lunchlady: Bonus Vlog

There are a couple of reasons I don't normally Vlog.
The number one reason?  I can't stand the sound of my voice on tape.  Do I really sound like that?  Why do people talk to me? 
But because I love all of you and because I'm hoping you will share this masterfully edited piece with your friends, I'm sharing this vlog with all of you.
Besides, it's hard to look that good in a hairnet.
P.S. Jon--our salad dressing choices include lite Italian, low fat ranch, raspberry vinaigrette, country french and 1000 island.  Am I missing your favorite? :-)

4 random thoughts:

Pish Posh said...

I think this is lovely!! xx

Jon DeepBlue said...

Great video! I though first you had made a typo on the title (Vlog) and started laughing since the "V" stand just next to the "B" on the keyborad, and then I realised it WASN'T a typo! HA!

Isn't it aweful how we sound like we're speaking through our nose? I can give you a few hints about that.

The thing is most of us use the bone in our nose as an "amplifier". When I began studying classical singing some... 567 years ago, I was taught first to "expand" my amplification hability to the other bones of my face: cheek bones, the side bones and the forehead and even the jaws.

Try this little exercice: hum a note while keeping your lips closed but your upper teeth must not touch your lower teeth. Hum the note for a 2-3 seconds and then bring your teeth together and bite firmly whitout stopping humming. You'll notice the difference in the resonance of your voice.

Once we fully developp our facial amplifier, we then learn to use the rib cage as, what I call, a "sub-woofer" (that always made my student laugh). All this training makes it so that our voice doesn't sound so "nasal" anymore.

And finally, in spite of great technological improvements over the past 30 years, recording devices tend to focus more on only a fraction of our voice's overtones.

We also don't hear ourselves the same way as people standing in front of us because when we talk, our entire bone structure also vibrates, so we don't hear ourselves only with our ears but also with our bones!


Anyho, I hope you guys will find solutions to this food waste problem. It is disgusting. Do people who make regulations actually do their homework?

And if I ever work in a school cafeteria, I'll need earplugs for sure. I totally forgot how noisy these places were at lunch time! :)


p.s. I'll have the Greek feta & origano dressing please... D'OH! It's not on the list. Oh well... I'll go with the French (obviously!)

Kristie Maynard said...

Now I don't hear a thing wrong with your voice. In fact it was really nice to hear what you sound like.
Great video. It really is a tough situation with the kids and lunches. I remember when my kids were in elementary school some of the kids who brought lunches would throw away the healthy foods that were sent in their lunch. It's such a hard situation. I wish I had an answer.

Mitchell is Moving said...

I also don't hear anything wrong with your voice. I thought you were amazing!

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