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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Publication: that thing just outside my grasp

I was cleaning off a book shelve the other day as part of my never ending quest to throw shit out on Tuesday and I came across these little gems of goodness.

Thinking they might be my kids, I opened them up and may have actually gasped. They are filled with writings of mine from the 1990s. Writings and dreams of publication.

What I can keep track of now on querytracker I used to keep track of in this book. We have talked many times about my dreams of publication and I haven't been shy about sharing with you how badly rejection hurts. But seeing it in my own hand writing, is painful. Realizing I have had a dream, a goal if you will, for more than half my life that I have yet to accomplish sort of feels like a swift kick in the gut.

Seeing books excel with little plot and no storyline except for graphic sex is deflating.

Inside the covers of these books are copies of the above cartoons. Even then I was convinced that Dogbert's take on the publishing industry was accurate.

Inside they contain sample query letters as well as actually pieces I had forgotten I'd written. I jotted down the 30 steps necessary for becoming a published writer and believe wholeheartedly that I need only to cross off the last one. Find an agent/publisher that believes in you.

Eight words. Fifteen years.

I guess we all realize our dreams at different paces and if I'm being honest, there are some of us out there that simply won't. Some dreams become unattainable. I'm never going to be an eye doctor and I'm okay with that. Other dreams get under our skin and simply force us never to give up.

Dr. Seuss was rejected to many times to count. Stephen King received countless rejections for his first novel. Anne Frank was told her heroine lack interest and JK Rowling was dismissed by numerous publishers including powerhouses like Penguin and HarperCollins and had her book published by a tiny London based publishing company at the insistence of the CEOs 8 year old daughter.

I remain steadfast and confident (most days) that I will persevere.

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becca said...

i agree with this i know my dream of having more children is a no go but i have not nor will i ever give up on the dream of having my poetry published.

Mitchell is Moving said...

I am so glad you're sticking with it. Write for the joy of writing. Submit for the joy of hoping. I look forward to the day you achieve the dream. In the meantime, you are my inspiration!

Monkey Man said...

You have a dream and hope....talent and faith....I KNOW YOU WILL MAKE IT my friend. Hold on, it's just around the corner :)

~Wendy said...

I know, for certain, you are enjoying the journey... I think that is important. In your dream, are you alive to see it come to fruition because I cannot name specific names, but Van Gogh comes to mind... I think he sold few, if any paintings until after his death... and the sad thing, he was a tortured man on his journey...

Do you know how many people don't even know how to dream anymore? They are wallowing in the world of instant gratification... they don't know what it means to have a dream to reach for... you are giving your children a valuable lesson.

My dream... to have a solid knowledge base in my new career, to help save lives of young and not so young... alas... it will always be changing and expanding in ways I cannot even begin to dream about today... not even the doctors can imagine the strides that will be made in medicine... so perhaps my dream is absolutely unobtainable but I am damn sure going to enjoy the journey ....

Kristie Maynard said...

What a gem to find. I love when I find things like this even if I feel like things haven't changed for me. You will make it my dear bloggy cyberfriend, one day you will be posting that news to us. Meanwhile enjoy your writing.

Stacey said...

And so the moral of your story: Believe. Do not give up. Write, and Again I say, WRITE.

Stacey said...

And so the moral of your story: Write, and Again I say, Write. Believe, and do not give up.

Jenners said...

Don't give up. Keep on going. If EL James can do it … so can you!

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