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Friday, July 27, 2012

Poolside Perspective: um...your va ja ja is hanging out

This week was again HOT and hot weather brings out the best in all of us. Here's what I learned.

  • It's double check your suit week. This week a lot of people and children had ill fitted suits on. I realize that it's halfway through the season and perhaps your suit has stretched or shrunk. A tip: ask a friend or even your mom if if any of your bits and pieces are hanging out. I really...really...don't want to see them.

  • If your kid can't swim, the dive is not for him. Sure it's very cute seeing your three year old jumping off the high dive. However, it looses it's cuteness when he struggles to surface and has to doggie paddle to you. There's a swim test for a reason. If he can't swim, don't let him jump.

  • Thunder, thunder, thunder. We got kicked out of the pool for thunde this week and the rule is no reentry until it has been 20 minutes thunder free. I swear every 19 minutes it would thunder. That, my friends, just gets funny after a while.

  • Pretending to take pics of your kids is pathetic. I don't know who you think you are fooling, but we are on to you. If you were really taking pics of your kid jumping off the dive, you'd be closer. I think you noticed all those I'll fitted suits and started snapping.

  • The ability to embarrass your kid=priceless. May I recommend tucking your tankini into a bikini and telling them your ready to go. The look alone will make your day.

What did you learn this week?

3 random thoughts:

Monkey Man said...

I hate when my va ja ja hangs ;)

becca said...

not nice to scare the kids with ones Va ja ja hanging out especial at my age and yes I live for those moments when i can embarrass the little guy

Jenners said...

I'm really starting to wonder about your pool...

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