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Thursday, May 31, 2012

What I learned on the second grade field trip

Today I stepped out of the cafeteria and headed to a science center with a bunch of second graders, including my son.

Here's what I learned.

  • All bus rides that last more than ten minutes are SOoooooooo Looooonnnnng! My eye started to twitch a little after the fiftieth time I was asked "are we almost there?"

  • Yous listening to me? Our host was very funny, but her grasp of the English language was a I am pretty sure she used quite a few double negatives, quite a few youses, and one or two awhiles. "I didn't eat no breakfast..did yous?" "You can go in awhile but no running."

  • Five kids will never pick the same activity. It's like expecting a jury to come up with a unanimous verdict. The odds are not likely. One wants to shoot the tennis ball, one wants to build a rollercoaster, one wants to play in the water, one wants to shoot the parachutes and the other wants to see the lasers. Gettin to do them all=awesome.

  • Hurry up or the bus will leave without you. We almost left a big chunk of our party behind. The bus driver joked that he would have come back for them. I am not 100% positive he would of.

  • All playgrounds look alike. We stopped at a beautiful park on the way home and I asked my son if he had a good time. "Yep, I've always like that playground." um.... You've never been there. "I haven't?" nope. "oh. Well I liked it."

    In conclusion, I learned that science can actually be fun (who knew) but that riding on the bus is boring. I learned that the ability to speak properly to students is not a job requirement, but it is important to make whatever you're saying entertaining. I learned that kids will never agree and that just eliminating the choice is the best route. I learned that it's important to be punctual or you might be walking home and I learned that pretty much all playgrounds look alike.

    Yous learn anything today?

  • 3 random thoughts:

    Jenners said...

    I learned that bus ride lesson back on the Kindgergarten field trip. Pure torture!

    septembermom said...

    too funny about getting a bunch of kids to agree to the same activity. So true! I'm supposed to go on a 20 hour car trip with my kids this summer. So not looking forward to that long, long, long car trip!!!

    Mitchell is Moving said...

    All I learned today, I learned from yous!

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