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Friday, May 4, 2012

Lessons from the lunchlady: that is not a good pocket for your balls

This week was overflowing with knowledge...

Hotdog day is always good for a laugh. It is hard not to laugh when making those little weiners but when your coworker takes the temp of one and announces that she just catheterized the hotdog and it's 190 degrees, you can't help but laugh.

Put your shorts on right. I learned from a kindergartener this week that wearing your cargo shorts backwards and putting bouncy balls in the front pockets is never, ever, a good idea. I also learned that it's possible to get gum in your underwear...that was a 1st grader.

Crying over spilt milk isn't helpful. I found this milk in the top crate of a stack of five. What a mess. I know you're not supposed to cry over it but I kind of wanted to.

Working with the elderly. Sometimes I forget my boss is 67. She was ill this week and I worked with a 70 year old sub and was reminded again just how amazing Sandee is. Does she really only have 22 days left???

Mind your manners. It still vexes me how frequently I have to remind students to be polite. Seriously? What's so hard about treating others the way you'd like to be treated?

Oh... Wait... It's that apple doesn't fall far from the tree thing, isn't it????

What did you learn this week?

4 random thoughts:

Jenners said...

That graphic at the start is hilarious!! Totally cracked me up. And I'm sure you are dreading your boss leaving because … hey … that makes YOU the new boss!!

Moving with Mitchell said...

I decided I don't need to learn anything on my own anymore. I'm just going to take all my lessons from you. I am especially thankful for that information on cargo shorts. I've just put mine back on... the right way. (And he is absolutely right; the bouncy balls fit much better this way.)

I LOVE that poster!

~Wendy said...

Missing MWE and days like this... you do NOT want to know what I learned at the HS this week... you'll find out soon enough when your kids get there...

Kristie Maynard said...

Oh my! What a lot you have learned this week. I think this was one of the most enjoyable ones yet. Loved your lessons.
I learned that people are incredibly cheap. We are having an estate sale for our aunt who just went from the hospital to a nursing home to an assisted living center. We had a professional do a sale that was great, but there was a lot left, so we are having a 50% off sale now and people still want more off. Come on people, the prices are pretty reasonable even before the 50% off. This is for a little old lady to live on in assisted living, it's expensive there, she needs all the money we can get for her! Yep, that's what I learned!
I also learned that some people are wonderfully greatful. One lady had been at the original sale and brought a friend to this 2nd one, they each bought several items. They were getting some things for a fundraiser. when she asked the price of a little wicker chair for a doll that they had for the auction, I gave it to her as a donation. (I know I said we need all the money we can get for our aunt, but sometimes ya gotta give from the heart too.) This lady was so grateful and excited about the donation that it was worth it just to see the smile she gave me.

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