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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

An Open letter to the mouse in my house

Dear mouse,

I don't want to kill you, but unfortunately, you have overstayed your welcome. You have eaten the lemon cookies. I don't know if you are aware of this, but I love lemon cookies and now you have tanted them.

I don't know if you walked all over them looking for the most lemony one. I don't know if you tasted a few before you picked one to gnaw on or what. Let's be clear...this grosses me out!


Because of this, I have decided that I now must kill you.

You, however, seem to be against this idea. In fact, you cleaned the peanut butter off of two traps and have yet to die.

Here's how I see it...this is your last chance. Pack up the family and get out of my house.

Tonight the traps are set with lemon cookies and I have a feelin that it might just be your last meal.



7 random thoughts:

Enfys said...

Yes, mine are dead too. RIP mice. It's a bit gross when they take the poison, then lie under your table with little pink feet twitching.....just saying, so it won't be too much of a shock......
Enfys x

~Wendy said...

It took weeks to catch the mouse we had. I was going nuts. It even had the audacity to run out from the basement door across the kitchen floor early one morning when I was having coffee. We bought several different kinds of traps. We "think" we caught it in one of those traps where it runs in and the door closes behind it. We never saw clues that the mouse was still around and the trap had been sprung. I was kinda glad the trap was designed so you couldn't see the dead mouse inside...

kisatrtle said...

Well...we caught him. In a live trap. My son was so happy that we didnt kill him. He got to let him go with daddy and he was giddy with excitement. That boy is going to be a vet or something,

Jenners said...

Oh yes … tainting cookies of any sort is punishable by death. Bye mousie.

Kristie Maynard said...

Lemon cookies? I'd be mad too. One time my friend had a mouse and it was very bold. One day it popped it's head out from under the sofa and her little dog happend to be there and let out with a bark, the mouse looked at him and fell over on it's side. Never did know if it had died or not, they took it over in the field across the street and put it there, thinking that it might have only had a shock and passed out.
Hope that little guy doesn't find his way back into the house.

becca said...

well as grandma would have said "you do the crime you pay the time"

Pat said...

You are lucky you caught him right away! We got mice in our trailer (somehow they crawled up the hose into the kitchen cabinet). These were SUPERMICE. They would lick the peanut butter off the traps, steal the cheese, get off the sticky traps with hair missing. The only thing that worked was when my husband SUPERGLUED the cheese to the trap! NO LIE! Glad you caught the little sucker. He wouldn't have been so lucky to have been caught in a humane trap in my place. NOSIREEBOB!

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