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Friday, December 23, 2011

Lessons from the lunchlady: three piles of vomit, two kinds of chicken and a little white lie

It's time for the holiday break but before we settle down let's review what we learned during what felt like an incredibly long week.

Vomit is not on my Christmas list. Breakfast started like usual when at 8:25 a third grader announced in line that he felt like he was going to vomit. Run! I promptly instructed. Good news = no vomit in the milk cooler. Bad news = vomit in the cafeteria, in the trash and down the hall.

Santa has a skinny beard. I was wearing a shirt similar to this

and all the kiddos kept asking me why my beard was so skinny. After a few grades, I just stopped trying to explain that was my coat not my beard.

Christmas brings out the cheese sandwich in some. This one is a shout out to all the parents that think the holiday break means they don't have to provide any lunch money the month of December. suck!

The good gifts are free. Looking for a last minute gift idea? How about a hand-written note (spelling errors and all) telling them how much they are appreciated. A 2nd grader put one in my lunchroom stocking this week wishing me and the rest of the "caftera" staff a Merry Christmas.

Sometimes a little "lie" isn't so bad. A little kindergartner on her way out of the lunch line couldn't wait to tell me that she saw me at her dance recitial. Her teacher overheard the entire conversation.

"I saw you at my dance," she said, with much excitement "Did you see me there?"

"Oh yes!" I said, without hesitation. "You looked beautiful and did a wonderful job."

She walked away smiling from ear to ear.

Her teacher asked if my girls were in dance and if that is why I was there.

I just shrugged and said, "I have no idea what she is talking about I haven't been to a dance recitial in years."

What did you learn this week?

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SparkleFarkle said...

A fun and incredible lunchroom visit. You are good caftera staff!

What did I learn this week? There are waaay too many humbugs milling about this year. (Cripes, they're like disgruntled cattle!) The good news: I'm NOT gonna let them get me down.

Here's hoping Sunday may be the merriest Christmas Day you and yours ever had, with even merrier ones to follow!

Best holiday wishes, SparkleFarkle~~~~~*

Kristie Maynard said...

You sure learned some interesting things this week. I learned, just today, that our justice system doesn't do much for the victims and if you are a low life scum that threatens to kill your family, you get better treatment in court than you do if you are in said family. Pretty sad, eh?

Mitch Block said...

What I learned this week... and every week... is that you are one inspiring journalist disguised as a part-time lunch lady. I wish we had you in our caftera!

DeepBlue said...

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the kids. It's truly THEIR holiday.

I wish you and your beautiful family the very best of Christmas and may the year to come be blessed with many wonderful miracles.


Kenya G. Johnson said...

Loved your white lie. You made her day. I love the lunchlady post. My mom won't let me write any of her "school receptionist" stuff but it would be a hoot. She could totally relate to all of this. Barf at the receptionist desk.

Kenya G. Johnson said...

Me again. I just read several of your post to my mom and had her cracking up!

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