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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Once Upon A Time: The Price of Gold

This week we meet Cinderella/Ella/ that's a mouthful. Her Prince Thomas/Sean may be Prince Charming/James' brother but as of this writing that is unconfirmed.

Cinderella can't go to the ball and the story starts with that familiar sad story. Enter her fairy godmother, whom begins to tell her that all of her dreams are about to come true when she is abruptly exploded but Rumple.

Rumple, who gets creepier each episode, tells her that "all magic comes with a price" and like most Americans signing mortgage papers, she quickly jots one of her many names down on a contract that pops out of the air.

Hey kids...if the contract just materializes you should probably READ the fine print.

Best line was when Rumple flicked the wand and put Cinderella in her infamous attire and she asked about the glass slippers. His response "Every story needs a memorable detail."

Flash forward and Ella is happy. She is married to Prince Thomas, she's friends with Snow, even Grumpy seems to be on her payroll. Then Rumple comes to collect. The contract doesn't ask for gold or jewels. Rumple wants her baby. Ouch.

Like any good Disney princess she decides to run away. Thomas finds out. He comes up with a plan that the Scooby Doo gang would be proud of. It involves a blue bird, a dwarf, a dungeon, and a scary red quill.

Anywho, all Ella has to do is lie to a liar, offer him another infant in return for um...grain...and get him to alter the deal by signing with the magic red quill. This will freeze him.

Ella having learned from the last mortgage she tried to negotiate says, "but what if this magic has a price, too" to which Prince Hotty Pants aka Thomas says "If it does than I will pay it"

So Snow sends a blue bird to fetch Rumple and he meets up with Ella in a misty part of the kingdom, it is pretty clear that he knows she is the worst liar in the world but he signs the contract with the fancy pen.

Good prevails. Prince Thomas names the baby Alex (LOST shout out) and Rumple is imprisoned. Of course, he tells her that his deals are always honored in this life or in another. She appears to go into premature labor to which Prince Thomas goes to fetch some water and doesn't return.

After all, magic has a price and Thomas agreed to pay it.
Back in Storybrook:

Regina runs into Emma after Sheriff Graham just offered her a job as a deputy. Regina/EQ says she is no linger concerned about Emma because she has never stayed anywhere for very long and will eventually tire of Storybrook and move on.

Best line in Storybrook, spoken by Regina to Emma, "People don't change, they only fool themselves into believing they can."

After getting pissed by the entire conversation, Emma meets Ashely/Ella/Cinderella in the laundry room. She's pregnant and alone and looking kind of scared. Of course, she's an inept maid. Ironic.

Emma convinces her to quit whining. "You want people to look at you differently then make them. There are no fairy godmothers."

Long story short Sean/Prince Thomas ain't all that prince like. His daddy basically sold baby Alex to Mr. Gold/Rumple and now Ashley wants to revoke the deal. However, breaking a deal with this dude is near impossible.

Ashley flees. Emma finds her. As does Mr, Gold. He agrees to let her keep the baby but only if Emma will admit to owing him a favor. What that favor may turn out to be, one can only imagine. The Price of Gold...could be a twist on the title.

Ashley names the baby Alex and Sean returns, bucking his daddy and bringing the baby shoes. Oh, how I loved that.

Meanwhile Henry has been helping Emma all the while and now must make it home before midnight...I mean five. This is when him mom will return from her Saturday council meeting which is code for afternoon frolic with Graham the hot sheriff.

Keeping with our Cinderella theme, while running into the house to keep from being busted, Henry loses a shoe.

Every story, after all, needs a memorable moment.

The episode ends with Emma calling Graham and accepting a job with the Sheriff department. Oh that's going to get awkward.

Next week we have a bye, but the following Sunday we return with a little more info on Dr. Jiminy.

4 random thoughts:

DeepBlue said...

I love it... I'm TOTALLY BEFOGGED, but I love it! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. I clicked over because Gold was in the title and I was doing some research. I had heard about this program from a writer friend but haven't made time to watch it. You made me want to DVR it. Loved how you related the mortgage debacle and reading the fine print. Nice tongue in cheek.

Sounds like a complex show.

becca said...

love this show totally addicted to it

Randi said...

I want to marry this show! I didn't think anything could ever replace LOST for me, but I think we have a winner. You are so smart! I totally did not even catch the LOST reference by naming the baby Alex, nor did I notice that Henry had to be home by five like Cinderella! I need to pay attention better. Rumple is the new Ben.

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