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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Once Upon a Time: Snow Falls

I was so incredibly excited for this episode as I wanted to find out Prince Charming's name.

While I didn't think the episode was as great as the first two I still loved it.

It opens with a fantastic castle scene reminicent of that really hard to spell castle in Germany or Disney World.

Charming is in a carriage with a whiny and over bearing duchess when the carriage is stalled by a down tree. It is an ambush and the thief gets away with Charming's little bag which of course he left open on the carriage seat. Not bright.

Not wanting to be shown up by a thief in front of his obnoxious fiancee he takes off "don't worry babe! I got this.". Of course, he's after his purse instead of hers. Awkward.

He catches the thief and is a little taken back when it turns out to be Snow and she decks him with a rock that leaves that oh-do-handsome little scare on his chin.

She gets away but later in the episode Charming keeps his promise of "Wherever you are I will find you."

Meanwhile back in Storybrooke....

Snow has the worst date EVAH! But I have to admit that I love the fact that Red Riding Hood's name is Ruby. That is fantastic.

Snow leaves and sees Emma living in her car. She offers her a spare room but Emma perfers her Bug. Why? We can't be sure.

One of the best lines: Snow to Emma about her date: "If true love was easy, we'd all have it."

Enter Henry who is convinced he has found Charming and he is a coma patient who would appreciate some fairy tales read to him. Emma and Mary Margaret aka Snow think the boy has lost it but Snow agrees to read to him to prove it will have no effect and therefore painlessly discredit the boy. worked.

Charming starts responding and eventually tries to find Snow at the Troll brige which is where he last rescued her.

Fade back to Fairytale land Charming eventually captures Snow, says he knows she is a wanted crimininal and that he will turn her in unless she returns his jewelry.

The jewelry she sold to the trolls.

There's some great dialogue back and forth including at one point Snow tells him she doesn't believe in love at first sight and you heard WaltDisney gasp from his resting space.

I loved the close up of the arrow flying through the forest as Charming rescued her from royal soldiers. I loved how, even though she didn't have to, she returned to save him from trolls. I loved that he said "it seemed like the noble thing to do" and how she repeated that line to him.

Best line is when Charming asks what she did to upset the queen and Snow replied, "She blames me for ruining her life." Charming asks "Did you?" and Snow replies,"yes"

Just as it begins to feel like Snow and James aka Charming will proclaim their love for each other he goes to his castle and she returns to her tree stump.

Back in Storybrook Mary Margaret, Emma and Henry along with Sheriff Sexy pants find Charming under the toll bridge near death and what brings him back? Snow white's kiss. Fantastic!

Oh course, Regina is all over this new development. I mean apparently the hospital is run by dwarfs and traitors. Regina brings the Duchess into the picture who proudly decrees that David/James/Charming is her husband.

And suddenly Snow's date at the beginning doesn't look all that bad and Emma decides living with her sudo birth mother sounds fantastic. What brings on this change of heart? Regina's line "Not having someone is the worse curse imaginable."

Next week: We meet Cinderella. I am almost giddy. Do you think the birds and the mice will be friendly toward her?

3 random thoughts:

Mitch Block said...

OK. Thanks for the synposis. I had no idea what you were on about (missed your earlier posts on it... shame on me), so I googled it. Definitely not something I'll be tuning in to see; I haven't seen it listed here in Spain anyway. (I always thought the castle at Disneyworld was just called "Cinderella's Castle." All the things I should probably know.)

becca said...

thank you for this i am so behind on my shows need to sit down one day and catch up

Randi said...

I love this show!

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