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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another Blog about Penn State

Around this time last year, my husband surprised me with a trip to State College.  Even though we do not live that far from there, I had never visited.

I had never been to a Penn State game.

I had never seen the field.

My hubby is a Penn State graduate and most of my family are die hard fans. 

I joked that attending a game and seeing JoePa coach was on my bucket list.

Hubby was listening.

We stayed in a quaint bed and breakfast.  We did some Christmas shopping, we attended a very cold game at PSU.

Look what a difference a year makes.

I am at a lost for words.

Here is what I know.  My heart is broken for these at risk children.  Many adults failed them. I cannot imagine witnessing the abuse of a child and not informing law enforcement.  I am deeply saddened that the coach who reminded me so much of my own grandfather will now be remembered as someone who was fire amidst sexual abuse allegations.

It will be an footnote JoePa will never escape.

Do I think he did all he was legally obligated to do?  That's debatable. Do I believe that he truly believed Sandusky was innocent?  This was a man whom he worked with for decades, I'm sure he wanted to believe he was not capable of these unspeakable acts.  Do I think JoePa did what was morally right?  Sadly no.

I suppose it truly is time to clean house at PSU.  From the president on down, including McQueary, because while he may have followed his chain of command he was the actual eye-witness and he should definitely have done more.  He is a big guy who could have intervened and taken that child to the hospital.  A report would have been filed and a pedophile would have been arrested. 

Yet as of this writing, McQueary remains employed.

This university is so much more than JoePa, but it remains to be seen if it will recover from this mushroom cloud. 

5 random thoughts:

Cath @ Constance Reader said...

I have been a little obsessed with this story. I don't understand how so many people abdicate responsibility for something so heinous. What really, REALLY gets me is that McQueary SAW a sexual assault happening, in progress, and just walked away. Who doesn't try to stop it? Who? The grand jury report says that the attacker and the victim saw McQueary watching. And I just keep picturing that little kid's heart breaking, his fear rising, his relief draning his potential savior turns around and leaves without doing anything.

So horrible. So many people really f-ed this up.

Mitch Block said...

Agreed. And I don't think Paterno, or anyone else who didn't do what was right, should recover from this mushroom cloud. Shame on them all.

becca said...

since i do not follow the sports world i have no clue what happen but i am glad you got to fulfill a wish on your bucket list

Jenners said...

I don't really know all the details so I will refrain from commenting. It just seems unbelievable to me that this happened years ago and is just coming to life now.

Kristie Maynard said...

So sad that this has all happened. Sad that there was the incident in the first place, sad that anyone and everyone turned their heads, sad that a man who has done so much for so many didn't do something for that kid.
We had a very good friend who played for PSU and set many records with that team and as a player. When Jim passed away from cancer and his kids college funds had all gone to chemo, it was Paterno who organized a huge fundraiser to ensure that Jim's 3 daughters would have their PSU education. He did some wonderful things for people, it is too bad that he let down that boy!

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