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Friday, September 23, 2011

Lessons from the lunchlady: pass the speckled grapes

photos credit Terry Border
 It's time again to review what we learned in the school cafeteria this week.

Paper Trays can be confusing.  We were down an employee as my boss took a couple personal days.  Because it was just the two of us we served on paper trays.  It makes me smile when I see the kindergartners lining up at the dish window to drop their plastic spoon and paper tray.  They look so confused when I tell them they can throw those away too.

Are you her other grandma?  A second grader asked my co-worker if she was another students grandmother.  I nearly died of laughter as my co-worker is only in her early 40s.  Ouch...grandma should be a four letter word.

Bye Bye Milk.  We now have to provide water in a fancy-dancy jug for all the kids to play with use.  Unfortunately, because it is such a novelty, those little buggers have taken to tossing out their milk.  We probably had at least 60 unopened milks tossed each day this week.

Kiwi and Pizza.  Our fresh fruit today was sliced kiwi.  I was convinced that few would take it but much to my surprise we ran out before the end of lunch.  I heard a few kindergartners talking about the weird "grapes" and how good they were. least they tried it.

In this corner...strawberry milk.  We've been in school for one whole month.  In a never before seen event, strawberry milk is kicking chocolate milk's butt.  Nearly the entire incoming kindergarten class is drinking pink milk.  They've told me that "it's willy good."  I'm not so sure.

In conclusion, we learned that when in doubt take it to the dish room, pink milk is better than chocolate milk but water wins hands down when it comes out of a cute little dispenser, kiwi can be confused with a grape and you are never to young to look like someones grandma.

That last one still makes me shudder.

What did you learn this week?

9 random thoughts:

ReadyOrNot said...

Love it! My daughter loves pink milk because Lola on the cartoon Charlie and Lola drinks it!

becca said...

i love you serve fresh fruit in your school that rocks

oursouthernyankees said...

kiwi fruit?! We never had yummy kiwi fruit for our school lunches growing up. Those lucky little stinkers!

Hey, I have a bag of clothes for you. Am I going to see you on Sunday?

David Allen Waters said...

I have always hated pink milk, and would never ever choose water over now days LOL :)

Kristie Maynard said...

Re: the grandma situation. We had an assistant principal in my kids elementary school who had come from an inner city school. One day one of the kids at her former school had said to her "So exactly how old are you?" To which she replied, "I'm 32." The student got very excited and said "Wow! That's how old my Grandma is!" And the grandma really was 32. Holy Cow!!!!!! Now that's a young grandma.

Pat said...

I guess the lesson is: You're never too old to be a grandma. OR, that poor woman needs a facelift.

Jenners said...

Go strawberry milk! Go! (Even though my heart belongs to chocolate, I'm always for the underdog.)

And what weird grapes you have!

Jenny Girl said...

Shocked by strawberry over chocolate and yeah for Kiwi!!

septembermom said...

Ooh that grandma comment stung, I bet!

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