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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Puberty: Why the second time around may kill me.

Oldest G is growing up and I don't really like it.
She's 12 1/2 and sometimes I do not recognize her.
What happened to the little baby that looked at me with awe and wonder?  She has turned into a pre-teen adolescent who looks at me with contempt and usually annoyance.

It's a challenging time for us both.  I feel like I should have stock in a deodorant company and possibly an acne cream company.  Don't get me started on the fact that we are now experiencing the joys of PMS together.  (pray for my husband)

She looks so much older than she is.  She asks much younger than she looks.  She doesn't want to brush her hair.  She fights with me about everything.

I remember when she couldn't wait to have pig tails or a pony tail.

I remember when tiny barrettes used to make her smile. 

I remember when she thought I was the only person who knew how to braid.

Now she likes to paint her fingernails black.  She consistantly forgets to put on deodorant.

She calls me MOM not Mommy (although every now and then she slips)

She looks so much like me some people mistake us for each other.

She's in a perpetually bad mood.

Don't let the smile fool you.

She is faking it.

8 random thoughts:

Constance Reader said...

Oh no! Even as I am smiling reading this, I am sweating! What have I done!!!

Good luck, friend.

Jenny Stephens said...

This written so well, tugged on my heartstrings, and is such a sad post for me. I remember when I went through that part of my life and I know it just broke my moms heart. She and I are WORLDS apart now, but if we weren't, i'd just call her and tell her I loved her. I LOVED THIS POST!!! And your daughter is adorable. She may not show it all the time, but she wants you around, wants your love, and attention. :D

Jenny @ Jems From Jenny

David Allen Waters said...

growing up is tough, ... it seems on everybody.


TortugaRachel said...

Ok, since you said she doesn't brush her hair, you have restored some sense of normalcy to my life. I am constantly after Bean (11 1/2) to brush her hair and she is constantly refusing. Nice to know it's not just my offspring.

becca said...

the pains of growing up

Everyday Life

Kristie Maynard said...

Dealing with a moody daughter is nothing new to me. At the age of 3 my beautiful little girl realized that he baby brother was here to stay and that's when it all began. The moods, the talking back, the fits etc etc etc. And now that she is 21 it is still going on. Sometimes I wonder where she came from, she is actually more like my SIL at times and that really scares me. But there are times when she is the sweetest, most loving young lady you will ever meet. Just wish those times were about 98% of the time! LOL.
What I'm finding tough to deal with is that my son, who will be 19 very soon, got his license and a car and is doing things on his own. I miss the boy who was much more dependant on Mom for a ride and so much more. I can totally understand people haveing problems dealing with the empty nest syndrome.

Amanda said...

What about sons? Mine is two years away from this - should I be skeered?

septembermom said...

Beautifully written, my friend. She's a beautiful girl too.

I'm having my struggles with my 14 year old now.

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