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Saturday, June 11, 2011

To my middle daughter on her 10th birthday

Dear Middle G.

Today you are 10.  Double digits.  It is hard to believe that you will soon be in the fifth grade.  I feel like I am holding the fleeting moments of your childhood in my hands and like sand they are quickly running through my fingers. 

Like I do ever year, I will attempt to offer you some life advice.  Advice that I'm sure will mean little to you until you have a child of your own. 

  • Few Friendships last forever.  Lately there has been A LOT of girl drama in your life.  It is hard for me to keep track of who you like and who you don't like.  Who is fighting with who and who is friends with whom.  Friends will come into your life and friends will go.  Only a few will forever remain.  The trick is knowing when to hold on and when to let go.
  • School matters.  I know you think that spelling is useless and that math is often difficult, but trust me it is worth the effort.  No matter your age, force yourself to learn something new.  Step out of your comfort zone and try something different.
  • Be the friend you want to have.  I think I read this on a fortune cookie once and it makes a lot of sense.  Listen to what your friends are saying.  Offer to help them when you can.  Make them laugh often.  You will be surprised how quickly they will return the favor.
  • Screaming and crying never help.  If you get lost, don't cry.  If you are stuck in a bus, don't sit around and scream.  If you can't find your car keys, swearing won't help.  (Okay, that last one was for me.)  What I'm trying to say is life is gonna throw you some curve balls, it is better to swing with your eyes open than to close them and start to cry.
  • Figure out your passion.  Everyone has a gift.  Everyone has a purpose.  Figure out what yours is and pursue it.  Some people are lucky enough to get paid for their passion and others have to supplement their income.  But either way, never give up on your passion, be it art, music, teaching or inventing, find a way to incorporate it into your life.
As of today, your future plans include becoming an artist or a rock star and living in Chicago.  I'm sure if I ask you next month these plans could be different.  One thing I know for sure, no matter where life takes you, I will always be your Number #1 fan!  Cheering you on!

Happy 10th Birthday, Middle G.

All my love,

Mom (formerly known as mommy)

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Anonymous said...

this made me smile, you r the sweetest mother:) hugs and happy bday little one

kt moxie said...

Beautiful advice for any age girl, especially the bits about friendships.

Constance Reader said...

I just had a little girl three months ago, and I loved reading this. It brought tears to my eyes! Thanks for sharing your beautiful and evolving relationship with your daughter with us, and these words of wisdom, too.

Jenners said...

Dear Middle G,

Listen to your mama. She knows what she is talking about and is giving you excellent advice. It is a good reminder for me too and I AM OLD!

Happy Birthday!

Melanie said...

So sweet and such great advice. I think I'm going to take note.

Visiting from the TRDC.

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