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Thursday, June 9, 2011

2011 Graduation #4

Tonight was my fourth graduation in six days and still NO DR. SEUSS.  This is exceptionally disappointing. 

When I left my house, it was storming something fierce.  Hail was flying, rain was pouring but the farther south I got the nicer the weather became.  Still I thought, they're never gonna have this outside.  The rain is following me.  It's gonna be here shortly.  That would be stupid.

Much to my surprise the graduation was, indeed, in the stadium.  Thunder boomed in the background as the first speaker took the stage.  I even saw a couple of lightening flashes and wondered if metal bleachers were a good idea.

But nary a drop fell.  I saw 384 students graduate.  Listened to six speeches and one Phil Collins song.  My favorite quote of the evening was spoken by the superintendent.

"It is the person who never gets started that is destined to lose.”

Is there something you have yet to start?

4 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

great quote

Enfys said...

I feel exhausted just reading about all your graduation activities (how is the foot?). Here in the UK we are very sensible and limit congratulating our young people to a once in the lifetime affair when you finish university. You don't get to uni? Tough, you get no graduation......
Now which system is better I wonder, throwing a debating ball into the ring.
have a great weekend,

Kristie Maynard said...

That's a lot of graduations all right. I have never been to an outdoors graduation. Our here in the Western NY area are always held inside. Most from this immediate area are held at Kleinhan's Music Hall which has a very big concert theatre.
I love that quote! There are a lot of things around this house that need doing and I keep putting them off. But I've started, reorganizing is a big goal of mine right now, so guess I better really get started.

Jenners said...

I'm amazed you got through that graduation without rain. We had that same storm pass through and it was a doozy! Here's hoping for some Seuss soon!

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