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Monday, June 6, 2011

15 things I'd like to accomplish this summer

Summer vacation, for me, is right around the corner so I decided to make a list of 15 things I'd like to accomplish over this much needed break.

Complete another edit. I want to complete another edit of my YA novel. I had a former English teacher friend offer to do an edit of the book for me and it is my hope to completely review her suggestions before the end of summer.

Paint my bedroom. This was on the list last summer and it has yet to be accomplished. I am tired of the colors in this room and I want to do an overhaul.

Enjoy my kids. I want to enjoy the fleeting moments when my kids aren't fighting. I want to be able to look back on the memories we make this summer with a smile and not feel like I spent most of it yelling.

Visit the Crayola Factory. I want to visit the crayola factory and I guess I should take the kids along. It might be weird if I go by myself. LOL

Clean and organize my craft room. I want to get rid of one of the desks I have in this room and get a more elaborate organizational system in there. I spend too much time looking for things and that is getting on my nerves.

Fly to Florida. We were invited to a college friend's wedding on the white sand beaches of Florida. We originally dismissed the idea as pricey, but now I think hubby and I are gonna try to swing it as an early (gasp) fifteenth wedding aniversary gift to ourselves.

Summer Reading Club. The kids enjoy visiting our teeny library. Every year we join the reading club and go on scavenger hunts provided by them. They are a lot of fun and a great free family activity that even the dog can go on.

Scrapbook. Make at least 30 scrapbook pages. That is only 10 a month...right?

Bulletin boards. I promised a few teachers that I would cut out some bulletin boards for them. I want to make sure I get those accomplished as well as make the ones we will be using in the cafeteria at the start of the school year.

Visit friends in Ohio. I haven't been back to Ohio in nearly five years. Since we left, lots of things have happened including a devastating tornado. I would love to go back and see some old friends and perhaps visit the zoo. This may not happen if gas prices continue to rise.

Survive Camp. We will be going to camp in a few short weeks. Don't worry we aren't camping in a tent. We are actually camping in a modern cabin which I am hoping will be like a hotel in the woods. LOL. Plus, the dog isn't invited.

Visit family. My sister and her family are planning to visit and that is always a good time. I hope to see my mom, my dad and my inlaws over the summer, as well.

Have a fire (or 2 or 3). I'd like to have some friends over for a camp fire and some drinks. Maybe I'll have a "oh crap summers half over BBQ" and invite some of my co-workers.

Birthday books and school albums. All three of my kids have birthday books and school books that need to be caught up. I am hoping to get them all up-to-date by the end of summer.

Recharge. Most importantly, I plan on sitting at the pool with my BFF and the family multiple times a week and just relaxing. During that time, I won't be checking my email, tweeting or even listening to music. I will be sitting poolside laughing with my friend. The only way it can get better than that is if we decide to share a cheese fry.

What do you plan on doing this summer?

4 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

My hope for this summer is much time in miami on the beach, shades on and beer in hand :)

Jenners said...

Sounds like a productive and relaxing summer. And I think you and hubby should treat yourselves to the Florida trip!!!

Kristie Maynard said...

Sounds like quite a summer you have planned. Summer isn't any different for me than any other time of the year. Except of course for the weather, which I love. I do hope to get to visit with my BFF more than I have. She works in a school and we haven't had much time during the school year, so hopefully we'll get some time on the deck sipping cold drinks and chatting.

septembermom said...

All great plans. Sounds like you have a lot of fun mapped out too. A Florida trip would be a terrific recharge for the both of you.

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