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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lessons from the Lunchlady:

I've been quite the blogging slacker this week.   I have no real excuse except S-P-R-I-N-G fever!

The weather in PA over the last few days has me longing to be outside and not in front of this computer.

I realize that the thousands five of you who regularly read my lunch lady laments have been disappointed for days.

Better late than's what I learned this week.

  • Cheesey Broccoli.  This stuff doesn't come off of trays.  Even in an 180 degree dishwasher.  Curious.
  • Head Injuries.  My son cracked his head HARD on the gym floor this week.  I thought the school nurse was over-reacting a little when she told me he needed to be seen by a doctor.  However, on the way to the pediatrician's when he threw up all over the van, I realized that perhaps she was correct.  Mild concussion.  He is much better now.  Thank....GOD.
  • Taco Salad.  When one of the three workers in the cafeteria has to leave for a family emergency (a.k.a. head injury) serving taco salad alone can be complicated....but not impossible.
  •  Bad Words.  The public park our students play at during lunch recess was decorated with some colorful language courtesy of some neighborhood holigans.  The little kids kept telling me they saw "bad words" all over the place.  "How do you know they're bad?" I asked.  "'Cause we ain't allowed to say them."
  • $$$$.  Nothing lowers moral more than talks of budget cuts and position relocations.  Here's hoping that, at least for a few days, we can all focus on more positive things.
What did you learn this week?

5 random thoughts:

Anonymous said...

having suffered a bad head injury in my 20's I know how bad they can be...happy he is ok


SparkleFarkle said...

I believe cheesy broccoli really is Super Glue, only Loctite removes the colour so gluers aren't wise to them.

Jenners said...

So scary about the concussion. Glad he is feeling better. And it amazes me how fast kids learn the bad words. And we've been enjoying the weather too! Finally!!!!

Kristie Maynard said...

So glad your little one is okay! That stuff can be kind of scray, eh?
What did I learn. Well I did learn that taking my son out for a dessert can be just as bad as going for a meal. Honestly, we each had a dessert and a drink and with the tip it cost me almost $20. That is crazy!!!

kt moxie said...

I hope your son is feeling better. And I'm deathly afraid of whatever is claimed to be "cheese" in that cheesy broccoli!

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