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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Writer's Workshop - a moment I felt relieved

I've posted before about my good buddy B.  She is the one I call when I want to complain about the things in my life that push me over the edge.  She is the one that I call when I want to celebrate the fact that it's Friday.

She is the one who makes me laugh when I feel like crying.  She is the one who laughs at all my jokes.

She is the one that picks up my kids when I can't get there.

She is the one who brings me wine when life doesn't go the way I think it should.

She is the one who sends her husband up to snow blow my driveway when my husband isn't available.

Last year after her routine mammogram the doctors office called her the next day and told her she needed to come back for a different more elaborate mammogram--that there may be a problem but they weren't sure.

Lots of things ran through my mind as I assured B that it was most likely nothing.

I imagined her without hair.  I figured I would shave my head too.

I thought about all the things I could do to help her with her kids if it turned out she was ill.

She called me shortly after her second appointment and told me she was fine.

No Cancer.

She was fine.

I was very relieved.

Now if I could only get her to stop looking at me like this every time I take her picture!  She thinks of me as the paparazzi.

It's my only flaw.

4 random thoughts:

infertilenanny said...

I'm glad your friend is ok, it seems like she's an amazing person. ((hugs))

TortugaRachel said...

I love the expression on her face, rofl. Good friends are diamonds in the coal mines of life. I'm thankful yours has been proclaimed cancer free!

David Allen Waters said...

I love that you would shave your head for her...what a beautiful soul you are my friend:)


Jenners said...

I'm so so so glad B is OK.

And I have to say that if looks could kill, you would be dead!

you're lucky to have such a good friend!

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