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Friday, November 19, 2010

A Corona is Calling my name

I feel very blah.

I feel like putting on my pajamas and not taking them off until Monday morning.

I have had a long week.

I don't want to be in charge in the cafeteria anymore.  I just want to get back into a routine.  I am seriously tired of having substitutes in and out of the kitchen. 

I can no longer keep track of who is mad at me or who I am making mad.

I am tired of people asking me "What do you want me to do now?"

Along with all the joys of cafeteria work this week I also had four meetings to cover for the paper.  I attended three school board meetings and one township meeting.  I have concluded that the word budget should be four letters.  I hate writing budget stories.

As if I hadn't already been beaten down enough this week, the business manger at last nights meeting whom I thought I had a decent working relationship with, went all "no commenty" when I asked her how the district could even consider a 6.6 percent tax increase.

It's a small farming community and that type of tax increase would raise taxes by nearly $125 per household.

She blamed me for not attending the budget and finance meeting.  Said because I wasn't there whatever I wrote about the $2.7 million deficit would be "misinterpreted".  Um, either your short nearly 3M or your not.  It's hard to misinterpret that.  Besides that I'm convinced that these B&F meetings are held at 5:30 just to make them difficult to attend.

But no comment on a possible 6.6 percent tax hike just because you've had a long day and your mad at me about it. 

That's a hard pill to swallow.

Corona take me away.

3 random thoughts:

Steven Anthony said...

Im sorry things seem bad;( Have the corona, turn off your phone, put your pjs on and take a break;)


David Waters said...

I say have more than one :)

Jenners said...

Frankly, I don't see how you can stay awake for those meetings.

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